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Connecting people of like-minded creativity to a central hub of interests, this blog is curated to stimulate your mind in topics relating to: Lifestyle, Beauty, Luxuries, Technology, Travel, Arts, Culture and the various impact and influences of the Korean Wave(Hallyu) into the Western Society. 

The mass demographic audience of this personal blog, solely belonging to THERESA TK (KimHye랑), are those who are of unique engaging and influential status among their social circle of friends, colleagues and community. Whether they are a secondary student to a young career professional, the contents of this blog are curated to meet the general interests of these mature readers.



The blog, KIMHYE랑 welcomes and encourages readers and visitors from all over the world to engage in the topics discussed. Below is the list of Top Countries where majority of our viewer traffic is most consistent and active (i.e. blog views, visits, clicks and reads - in the exact order from left to right). All stats are summarized and have been updated as of October 01st, 2014.

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Canada, UAE, USA, South Korea, UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia

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This personal blog welcomes invitations of all sorts (i.e. fashion shows, product launches, press days, showroom showcasing, previews,  fundraisers, festivals, etc.) The owner of this blog KIMHYE랑, has previous professional experience in event management, promotions and reviewing/event coverage on various high media functions in Canada, Middle East and Asia.

Invitations that are outside of Toronto (Canada) and Seoul (South Korea) are welcomed and accepted. Upon submitting an inquiry, we ask a detailed information on the event itinerary (i.e. type of event, location, dates, accommodation, transportation) to ensure that all the proper arrangements can be made in time to attend. Please send all inquiries to:


For interests of advertising on this blog throughout a sponsored contest and/or giveaway, please send all inquiries: - along with information on who you are, which company you are representing and what you would like in exchange in the collaboration/promotion. Due to amount of requests, only those that are of similar interest of the blog would be taking into first consideration. All contests and giveaways will be promoted and announced via word-of-mouth marketing and published via various social   media channels (i.e. twitter, pinterest, google+, facebook, instagram, etc.) 

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Press Tour requests will be accepted and taken into consideration, if they are of the general interest and potential to the blog. Please make sure all proper travel itinerary are submitted along with the request to make sure that everything can be met and planned accordingly. 
**There are NO minimum days of travel required - All presentations/pitches should be sent to: 

**** I am a holder of a CANADIAN PASSPORT with Dual-Citizenship  in Canada and Republic of South Korea)




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