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Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu’on a perdus

내 블로그를 방문해 주셔서 감사합니당 여러분!! ^__^♡ 정말 반갑습니당!!♡♡
merci beaucoup mes cheris d’etre ici aujourd’hui!

Curating a central hub for creative like-minded individuals with similar interests. This personal blog is committed into connecting friends from all over to bring mind stimulating topics relating to: lifestyle, beauty, current events, luxury, travel, technology, arts and culture. However, the single most important thing about this website, is to bring about the immense impact in entertainment, lifestyle and cultural influences of the “Hallyu Wave” (aka. Korean Wave) into the Western society.

Currently based between the best of both, Toronto (Canada) & Seoul (South Korea)

Theresa TK

제가 무엇을할까용…?? 

홍보 (퍼블릭 리레이션스) = 엔터테인먼트 + 파썬
미디어 관계 + 미디어 제작
방송/텔레비전 엠씨 MC
라이프스타일 모델
…. 가금에 이벤트 제작 와 계획도 해요!

몇년 동안 나는 유명한 디자이너, 배우, 탤런트...와...포춘500 하고 일헀어요; 지금은 프리랜서 입니당. ^__^ *자유* 위치는 토론토 (캐나다) 하고 서울 (대한민국 새랑해요!!!♡) 입니다 ~~

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