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Healthy living starts with caring for a healthy complexion. There’s nothing worse than having horrific (neglected) skin that is later caked with layers of products to get that #naturalbeauty and/or #nomakeupdontcare tag. Contrary to belief, did you know that #nomakeup actually means you don’t have a single trace of makeup on?!? *mind-blowing right? haha* However, if you’re one of those who spend hundreds on faulty beauty regimes and products because it was supposedly raved about by a certain beauty “blogger” and “youtuber” (with a single photo and no in-depth explanation) just for the sake of sponsorship…then that mind as well top the list of NEVER.

Regardless of having been sponsored, I have continuously used Clarisonic for just over a year and a half and is my #1 choice of skin care recommendation (when answering questions or when gifting someone). A product that is worth every dollar spent and outlasts the amount invested, this deserves an A++! Even my bi-weekly facial appointments have been cut down to next to nothing ever since receiving this life saver. *True Story: A couple of months back, someone broke into my locker at a Country Club (which I was testing out – trail member) and for some reason, the first thing I checked was my beauty bag to see if my Aria was still there! phew* If you’re looking into comparing what difference would it make with Clarisonic, continue to read below.

As seen in the illustration above. Clarisonic cleanses the skin six-times more compared to hand washing – Note, you can also use this device on your neck and decollete area – though I would highly recommend a separate brush head. By using this device, not only are you cleansing the skin, but you are also removing the excess dead skin, dirt and oil that might have been left – extra bonus is the toning, smoothing and brightening of the complexion when used consistently.

Instead of using the Clarisonic Aria with the Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head + Kit four times a week, I am now using it five times a week – with different settings to better adjust the level of power I need for that day/night.

FYI. I use the gentle setting in the mornings to awaken my skin for it to better absorb the nutrients I will be applying right after (i.e. Amore Pacific and SKII moisturizer lines).

The Deep Pore Replenishing Kit includes: (1) Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head, (2) Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and (3) Deep Pore Decongesting Clay Mask.
Purchase:  Deep Pore Cleansing Kit ($78CAD) // Clarisonic Aria ($230CAD)

If you’re a skin care lover like moi (though, it’s safe to say that I follow and care for my skin care religiously) but unsure on the product, you should consider the Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution (comes with the brush head, solutions and Mia 2 device).

Purchase: Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution Kit ($200CAD)

Followed by my Deep Cleansing, I reach for the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infuser System and use this three-four times a week – depending on my skin condition. Reason why I generally don’t like to use this more than the given four days a week span (based on my personal routine), is because the eye region is most sensitive with quicker absorbency, so I try to avoid applying too many products. However, during my long haul fights, constant whether change from travels and schedules, this is my must-have portable device to carry – as it helps fight signs of aging, dehydration, puffiness, dark circles and dull complexion.
Purchase: Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infuser System ($225CAD)

Take it off…take all that off beautiful people…bare your natural beauty by starting to take better care of it.

You’ll be the skin-envy of all – especially during the harsh and dryer than usual season.

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