Hiatus 틈새 시간

We have reached the point of saturation — a vicious revolving door of never-ending seasons. Children can’t even take a couple of months’ hiatus from a sport for fear of falling behind their peers and being excluded from teams the following seasons. Those elite teams, all those trophies — that’s what the parents want – Fred Engh

Considering it has been a little over a month since my last posting, I have decided to recollect my thoughts and take a mini-hiatus from pushing new content as planned. Yes, there are a couple of product reviews which were to be scheduled to publish, however…I’m afraid I’m in that state of mind where I need to recollect everything and rewrite – giving you the current up-to-date unbiased review on such products.

*Note: there was some slight step-back with some reviews, as I have been told that I can’t publish what I wrote because (1) it won’t make their company look superb and (2) I’m basically giving my ‘too honest of an opinion.’ So…. #sorrybutnotsorry I’m going to do what I want.

In the meantime, hope everyone enjoys their AUTUMN welcoming with some gobble gobble day with friends and family in the next week to come! Now, let me take you back to wayyyy back when things were as carefree and as good as it got! Childhood favorite, Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving:

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