The Fault To Your #IceBucketChallenge

Dear Citizens of the World,

How about we stop the idiotic chucks and giggles for a moment to discuss what matters! (I say this as an exclamation and not as a question). To put it as simple as I can, it’s time to put your mouth where your money is! At the end of the day, cliche like “it’s not about the money” just isn’t going to cut it – it’s going to be about what/how much you have done to show that you support the cause to #StrikeOutALS.

So, I’m going to call out all those (friends, foes, acquaintances, strangers and whatnot) who have supposedly accepted and completed the #IceBucketChallenge! If you have actually done your research and have properly followed the steps into the successful execution of the #IceBucketChallenge, I salute you indefinitely! Thank  you for being a good citizen to the world! hearts IF you THINK that you have done it right, chances are, you probably DIDN’T!!

#sorrybutnotsorry because it is for people like you who were able to screw up something as simple as following directions, who have allowed me to give this rant some life! Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce #IceBucketChallengeFailed

*I have written and re-wrote this a couple of times now. No matter how much information on ALS I was able to gather to share, I felt that maybe 5% would actually take the time to educate themselves. As sad it is to admit, we are a lazy generation in constant scurry. So, I have summarized everything that I have to say in a nutshell…

–> !! #WHOLIEDTOYOU !?! &@#$ B^#TAR$& !! <–

Admit it. The only reason why you probably did this was because, one of your “brah’s” or “bro-skis” called you out on it and you obviously didn’t want to seem “uncool” or “less of a man” right? OH…ladies, “ermagodd. Admit it biatches.” You probably did this because even though this is like for a realllyyy great cause, you wanted to show everyone that this can be done attractively..right?! ahahaha glare

K-POP’s 재경이 & NS윤지의 – do they know what ALS is? did they know it’s more than dumping water on their heads? #icebucketchallengefailed  This isn’t about trying to look cute NS Yoon (girl with the cap)…

Allow Tom Hiddleston teach you how your “challenge” acceptance should have been done #icebucketchallenge

All I have to say after having heard some mind-boggling responses would be, “wow! you’re like SO cool because you poured a bucket of cold water WITH ICE over your head! Like OMG! That took balls!” Oh! AND THEN to emphasize just how freezing the water was, you obviously felt that it was necessary to give a warrior grunt or that obnoxious “Whoaa~ that was cold!…” (like no shit it was cold)…because what you have just done was truly too amazing for words. Brava and SLOW CLAP as I eagerly begin to congratulate you on having saved thousands from world hunger and brought about the solution to bringing world peace!! Oh wait….

Brava to some of the star power people who took the time to mention the Donation!!

Just because we want to believe that we are making a huge difference and are “influencing” those around us to make the right decisions, all of that doesn’t have value if we’re not willing to put our words into actions by paying it forward.

The moral(s) of this story is(are). PAY IT FORWARD.
++ There are parts of the world where WATER is scarce! It’s a luxury. Just donate the money and stop wasting natural resources.

For those residing in CANADA, you can go HERE to donate to ALS CANADA.

For those residing in USA,  you can go HERE to donate to ALS Association.

For those residing in KOREA, you can go HERE to donate to ALS

언제까지나 as always,
kimhyerang1트위터 tweet @imesotk | 인스타그램 instagram kimhye_tk

PS/ I will not dump water on my head, instead I have taken the liberty of taking initiative and donated twice.


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