Let the beat drop x Panasonic RP-HC800 파나소닉 헤드폰

*Sponsored Product from Panasonic*

The day after yesterday. Testing out what the true experience of Panasonic’s “noise cancelling headphones” is about, courtesy of new friends at Panasonic Canada (connected through my friend Michael Lockhart of Environics PR). Even though I haven’t shown any particular interest in the past in “headphones,” I’m hoping that these bad boys will jump-start something for me…especially with my usual travels and leisure activities coming up.

This post is a simple social-friendly review and guide to my first twenty-four hours with the Panasonic RP-HC800. But first, let me introduce to you one of my favorite (blast worthy) tracks which I tested these heavy-duty headphones with (MV seen below):

The “Panasonic RP-HC800 Noise Cancelling Headphones” was one of two newly released models which was showcased at the 2014 International CES exhibition in Las Vegas earlier this year. Honestly, I don’t know much about Panasonic’s current existing line of headphones, but I’m told from friends that this would be equivalent to what is a “luxurious” line in entertainment. Can’t say that I’ll be able to give the scientific details behind the creation and statistics of this specific headphone, but I can most definitely made it more user-friendly for those who are gadget challenged. Below is a simple breakdown on the unique features of the Panasonic RP-HC800 and my personal notes on its design, function and what-not.

First Glance: Style 스타일

In all defense, because I’m such a sucker for all things chrome and sleek (especially when it comes to gadgets/appliances), I was honestly expecting something that looked like it could have come from the future. The packaging itself looked like an A! The actual design of the headphones…I’d give it an Average B. Maybe it’s because I’m new to the concept of liking headphones that tainted my first impression?

The simple black design with light accents of grey makes it look comfortable and attainable for the average norm to use on a daily basis – without drawing much attention to herself/himself. If you’re the ultra simple type who doesn’t care for the visuals (i.e. color schematics), I can practically say that this headphone is as simple as, “black on black.” The only actual color shown on these bad-boys is the small blue light that indicates that you have turned ON the noise-cancelling function (as seen above on the image).

With the combination of padding, plastic and slight metal usage, I find the overall perspective of this design to be “Meh?” There’s nothing too flashy or WOW about it; it’s simply the headphone next door with a sturdy design. Maybe this will be the case of Function over Design…

Did The Beat Drop?: Function 기능

Before truly understanding what “noise-cancelling” really meant and how this functions worked, I had to read up on it on the handy manual that came with the box. After 25 minutes of going through the little booklet, all I wanted to know is, “how efficient is this ‘noise cancelling’ option?” Often when trying new products, it’s usually a given that there’s almost always a win:loose aspect. So, did the beat drop?! Did I get the greatest music experience? …. do do do dooo …. do do dooo …. twenty-four hours apres, I’m still unsure if I’ve truly experienced this! $%&@ (I have yet to conclude the function capabilities of the RP-HC800…but maybe, because I’m not using it properly? Or maybe I should just stick with using iPhone/iPod with this headphone – as it’s clearly labeled on the box).

Comfort? The headphone is covered in protective and cushioned padding. The adjustable head band is cushioned enough to gently rest on your head without having the metal/plastic framing dig into your skull (like this other brand I’ve tried earlier *definite NO-NO*). The ear cups are also cushioned all around so there’s plenty of spacing between your ears and the band frame that connects the headphone together. My ears also rested comfortably inside the padded cup. *If you have bigger ears, je pense you’ll still be okay with this one* 

*Personal Note: I don’t know if it’s the design, padding or if it was just me…but, I found that at times there was way too much pressure on my ears. I seriously felt like that moment when a plane takes-off. *ears pop pop popping* It was seriously tunnel sound until I was able to pop my ears back to normal in-between songs when lifting the ear cups off.

Now, getting to the important part. The music is blasting…the song is about to reach its climax…did the beat drop?!? When listening through its normal function (without turning on the NC function), I was able to listen to my music comfortably and still with crisp clarity. The moment I switched on the little blue light – things got a bit more SERIOUS!

It was as if the cups suctioned the extra spacing and air out to give me the surround sound system. You can definitely hear the difference in bass and clarity – the outside noise is blocked out slightly more (not completely) to cancel out any unnecessary feed to optimize the sound quality. At times when people want to maximize their music experience, I find that the first thing that they do raise the volume control! *definite no-no* Sure, the sound is louder and you’ll probably burst a speaker because the bass is at its highest…but headphone wise, I found that once the NC Function was ON, quality of the song didn’t change even with the volume raised. The overall pitch and frequency still remained the same – no fuzzy feed received.

One major thing I noticed and want to clarify (for my personal experience) – I wouldn’t say that this headphone is completely “noise cancelling,” but I found it to be more “noise reducing.” Even while listening to music with the NC Function off, the headphone still does a really decent job on blocking out unwanted noise that could disturb your zone. *It’s no Bose system in my boyfriend’s car, but for headphones…and for trying my first Panasonic ones, I’m pretty impressed at its capability*

PS. Someone asked me what the little holes are on each side of the ear cups (on the outside). Apparently, those little dots that looked like it was just its design, also works as amplifiers when turning on the NS function.

*Personal Negative Note: Not sure if it was the particular song…I found that the ear cups does leak some sound! I didn’t think that I was listening to my music as loud as my fellow Country Club goer politely told me but, I found out the hard way. Maybe it’s because the ear pads are so cushioned that I felt I could raise the volume up slightly…Regardless, for those who are going to test this out, keep your song playing (at the usual volume level you listen to all your music on) and take off the headphones. It sounds like a mini-external speaker for the iPod just before the batteries die down.

The next best thing about the RP-HC800 is the 40 hours of nonstop playback! This is especially important for me, as I do a lot of overseas traveling (flights of over 14+ hours on way), commuting, working in the zone and leisure activities (i.e. golfing, equestrian, etc). It’s the worst when the battery life suddenly dies minutes after charging because you apparently where using it too much with its functions at the highest for maximum performance. *Boo Hoo*

Included Features

– Detachable cord with a microphone and controller for your Apple gadgets
– Ear cups can be swiveled down flat
– “Noise Cancelling” technology
– One AAA Alkaline battery which provides over 40 hrs of noise cancellation use
– RP HC800 can still be used for music playback even with dead batteries
– Airplane adapter
– Carrying pouch included

The Panasonic RP-HC800 can be purchased here for $229.99 

Since I have yet to experience the Panasonic RP-HC800 on a long-term basis, I’m still willing to give this specific brand of headphones a try on my various outings! As I continue to use these headphones, I’m going to try to decide if I would encourage a family member/friend to invest in the extra $$ on a pair of Panasonic RP-HC800 headphones of their own.

I can hardly wait to try these headphones on my next 14+ hours of flight to Seoul then Dubai!!!

언제까지나 as always,
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