All bragging rights reserved. This is to make up for those days I feel I haven’t bragged enough about the wicked talented people I know!! He’s always on the move and taking over the stage worldwide for thousands millions of fans. KRNFX is a power performer and artist who will always come out on top when it comes to entertaining and showcasing his raw talents of beat-boxing! After all, he IS the beat-box champion! If it wasn’t enough traveling all over the globe, he and Mike Song 오빠 (yes, the ‘Kaba Modern’ Mike Song from ‘MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew) were recently invited to perform at THE WHITE HOUSE! *Honestly, how many of us can actually say that they’ve been invited to The White House?! BRAVA 환전 대박!!!!!!

Seriously though, I can’t even begin to tell you just how talented KRNFX is…just give him a microphone and a tune! He is a one man show who will amaze you!! Plus, it’s an extra bonus that he’s actually one of those REAL down-to-earth artists in IRL! phew Check out some of his videos below! You’ll see why KRNFX is a household name.

TKO/Are You That Somebody

download this track, here

Counting Stars/Radioactive – with David Choi

Download this track, here
Follow David Choi via twitter, @davidchoimusic 

THIS! This has to be one of my ultimate favorite songs of all time now! “Say Something” has been taken onto the next level with the special beat box cover by KRNFX and the lovely Clara C! I’m totally obsessed!! I can’t believe how emotional I got lol

Download this track, here
Follow Clara on her twitter, @claraCmusic 

Since we’re onto the fourth video, below are the joint performances of KRNFX and Mike Song 오빠 on (1) Ellen Degeneres and (2) Red Bull BC One World Finals 2013 in Seoul, South Korea! I can’t believe I missed this!! Should have booked my flight to Seoul sooner!

For More Information on KRNFX:

Official KRNFX Website
Official Facebook Fan Page

언제까지나 as always,
kimhyerang1트위터 twitter @imesotk | 인스타그램 instagram kimhye_tk


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