Update | DIMA 2014 x #KPOPINDUBAI 케이팝인두바이♪

mar7aba 방가방가 mes cheris!

I’ve received a lot of messages about the Dubai International Music Awards and if I could explain how the process works, who will be performing, where to buy tickets, when will it take places, etc. If you’ve missed on the basics of what DIMA is, you are more than welcomed to read about it, here.

But then again, because society these days are too quick to get to the last point, I’ll sum up what this particular awards show is about in a sentence. starting now… DIMA is an award show, first of its kind in Dubai where the public will be the ones who vote on which artist(s) will be performing live at the show!

Only the top influential artists of each region (more like continent) will be chosen to battle each other (via votes from the fans) and win the place of attending the Award ceremony in Dubai in November 2014 and perform for the mass audience flying in from all over. watch out my Dubai friends, I’ll soon be joining in on all the fun when I make my next trip


Getting down to the important part in this update post. You have asked which artist(s) will be the ones performing in Dubai at the award show. To (some) disappointment, the top two artists have been chosen and it’s a continuing battle between the nine-member group, Super Junior and the ever-so-fierce leader, G-Dragon of Big Bang.

Watch Super Junior: 

Watch G-Dragon: 

Okay, style-wise, you definitely can’t go wrong with the two choices! They’ve definitely got great appeal and stylists, A++! When I said “(some) disappointment,” I meant that it’s such a shame that only ONE artist/group will be able to represent Korea, as their styles are COMPLETELY different! You can’t even begin to compare the two.

I was seriously hoping that EXO would be making it! They’re AMAZING live!! Trust me!!

Check out the MV of their new song release, “Overdose” below:

The finalized list of  nominees will be announced on October 2014.

The award show is to be held on November 2014 in Dubai, UAE.

The venue as to where this award ceremony will be held is TBA.

How to Vote?! 
Call or Text if you want G-Dragon or Super Junior
Saudi Arabia= 00882 162 277 41 00
All Countries = 00882 169 00 169

I’m trying to get in touch with an organizer or two at DIMA to get a better hold of all the details for you guys, but….it appears that trying to get an update is a lot harder than anyone thought. Hang in there as I try to get the 411 on everything you need to know about the upcoming festivities + the amazing after party that I’ve been told they’ll have!!! Mark your calendars, I’ll be seeing YOU in DXB in November 2014 mes cheris!!

언제까지나 as always,
kimhyerang1트위터 twitter @imesotk | 인스타그램 instagram kimhye_tk

Additional Information on Artists representing their country:
Puerto Rico: Daddy Yankee vs Don Omar
Belgium-France: Stromae vs Maitre Gims
Russia: Timati vs Dima Bilan
South Korea: Super Junior vs G-Dragon
United Kingdom:


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