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Truth: No matter how much you want to deny it (to be “practical”), YOU ARE way over your head in planning for this perfect wedding with extravagant luxuries! Seriously though, we all know this day is all about customized detailing…on everything and anything! Goal? Make it completely “OMG” to make frenemies die in rage of envy

False: A wedding photographer is plenty enough, right? SO much cha-ching $$$ is already going into the venue, dress/suit, catering, decor, music, etc. So…finding a videographer/photographer who appears to have done decent work with cheap(er) rates is perfect! Right? This will all eventually balance out at the end, right?!?!?! $&#ASD

TRUTH: Behind the scenes, how many people can actually say and mean. “It’s OKAY! You can relax now!”?! Anyone? Anyone NOT related to the bride? ONE HEART FILMS will capture even the worst-of-worst case scenario into something beautiful. Problem? What problem? Everything is captured flawlessly. No one needs to know how frantic the bride was before walking down the aisle

Located at the heart of  downtown Toronto, Ontario (Canada), ONE HEART FILMS has worked on creating and capturing love stories with selected couples in Toronto, Vancouver and Worldwide. Based on previous works of art which has been published online, that this boutique wedding agency takes a 360 approach in captivating the audience in a refreshing cinematography approach that will leave you in “awe.” It’s enough to make strangers ponder….

“We Actually Don’t Shoot Weddings. We Tell Stories.”
– One Heart Films

One thing you need to know about ONE HEART FILMS is, they select and create about only a dozen films a year! That’s it!!! OMG So, if I were you, you should most probably get on that waiting list!! On the bright side, don’t think of this as a downfall to your wedding planning mes cheris. This just means that they are dedicating more of their time, energy and creative flow in making something truly one-of-a-kind that is as unique as your story; they don’t do weddings just for the sake of making business.

“We do it out of LOVE – also because weddings are a whole lot of fun!”
– One Heart Films

Watch the new 2014 demo reel:

DEMO REEL / THE BEST OF ONE HEART FILMS! from One Heart Films on Vimeo.


If that isn’t enough to show you just how amazing this boutique agency is, you must watch this a beautiful collaboration for,  Year of the Horse – Bridal Editorial Video they did recently I absolutely la la LOVE this to the point where I want to film one myself! Just because!


PS. It’s been featured on The Wedding Co‘s blog! You can read about it, here!

PPS. ONE HEART FILMS has been featured on this famously known wedding blog before as well…read and watch their magic, here!

For more information and interest in booking ONE HEART FILMS


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