Hallyu Connoisseur | M.I.B 치사바운스 (치사BOUNCE) 뮤직

M.I.B is back with a second album, “더 마지노 라인 (The Maginot Line)” featuring the hot track, “치사BOUNCE (CHISA’BOUNCE)”

MIB #치사BOUNCE 발매 인사 MIB’s official greeting to the fans with news of 2nd album

Finally, the song that is climbing the charts without stop since its release – check out the MV below:

‘치사BOUNCE’ 뮤직비디오 비하인드 BTS of MV shooting


KimHye랑 (aka. THERESA TK) Rating:
A+ I’m definitely hooked on this track and have played it on repeat ever since it came out..especially loving the chorus..치..치…

M.I.B signatures 씨인

As Always,

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