“K팝 스타 시즌 1” 이미쉘- 위드아웃 유 Michelle Lee – Without You

이미쉘 – 위드아웃 유


[ FAQ UPDATE] Can’t comprehend why this matters or why people are SO focused on figuring this out but…I’ve been asked if I knew why Michelle is singing in Korean and why she is a newbie “KPOP singer.” Like seriously, does it matter why? For those who a really in-the-need-to-know business, Michelle Lee “이미쉘” is of a half-Korean (mother) and half-African American (father) descent. Hence, her mixed racial profile and her ability to speak, sing and understand Korean. If you’re curious where you have seen her before, she appeared on the first season of “KPOP STAR” (yes, the same one as Lee Hi who is also signed on YG Entertainment). Although Michelle didn’t win the title, ever since her appearence and proven vocal ability, YGE took her in as their trainee…but due to difference reasons, she is now an artist on debut with Dima Entertainment. 

AND…for those who have also been making comments how if you’re a “mixed Asian” its easier to make it the Korean entertainment industry…think again mes cheris. As unfortunate it is to say, there is still an odd number of the South Korean population who still believe in the “pure Korean” – NO, that doesn’t mean you have to be Korean…they’re still very open-minded…but you just have to remember that South Korea is a very Conservative country. In a nutshell, this shouldn’t even be made into a “hot topic,” who cares THE END.

언제까지나 As Always,
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