[Update 03.25.2014]

Just to show you how popular TEEN TOP is quickly becoming, Director Blake Farber has recently expressed his interest in expanding into K-POP! To be more specific, he has announced that he would love to work with this six-member pop group, TEEN TOP on their next upcoming music video! *PS. Blake Farber has previously created music videos for Beyonce – Countdown, Drop Kick Murphy – Out of your heads, etc.

 “…if I get the chance I would definitely like to work with TEEN TOP.  If TEEN TOP is working on a music video, I will create a drama in which the individual stories ultimately become one and appeal to each member’s charms.” – Blake Farber, MV Director


장난아니에용!! ^__^* ~ …정말이에요!!! ㅋㅋ… 드디어, 틴탑이 토론토에 온다!!

틴탑 1004에게 / Dear Teen Top Angels,

Your (incredible) beyond-amazing hard work has paid off mes cheris!! CONGRATS and big applause to everyone who took part in this ultra special (and time sensitive) campaign over these stressful couple weeks! Alas, the overwhelming requests, interest and (most importantly) the funding has been counted and finalized – sorry to our K-POP fans in Dallas, Texas…it was a head-to-head battle and looks like Toronto wins this round.

This will mark one of the first for a K-POP group to host a tour date in Toronto! Hopefully, this will open more opportunities for other artists/groups to include us in future promotional dates and tours.  **Can’t begin to say how PROUD I am**

An extra round of special thanks/applause goes out to Uptown Media for partnering and supporting this movement and in bringing TEEN TOP to our beloved city of the Great North! *encore*

[FYI. check out my current two favorite songs below]

틴탑 Teen Top – 장난아냐

틴탑 Teen Top – CLAP ENCORE (박수 앙코르)

I know that there will be plenty of fans coming from all over Canada for this, please make sure all proper travel arrangements are made accordingly and safe travels! Below are the details you need to know for the concert – from purchasing tickets, type of access, seating, location, etc.

CONCERT DATE: Sunday, March 30th, 2014 CONCERT TIME: 7:00PM

PURCHASE TICKETS: click here CONCERT VENUE: The Guvernment (132 Queens Quay E, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3Y5)

Floor plan of concert (pick your spot *note, there are NO seats): From what you already saw, there are THREE different concert tickets (not guaranteed that the Super Angel VIP will still be available)

**I’ll be reaching out to my usual Media suspects to join ME on March 30th, 2014 at The Guvernment for a night of K-POP goodness with these charming fellas of TEEN TOP! ***

틴탑 Teen Top – Crazy 미치겠어

For more information about 틴탑 (TEEN TOP):

TEEN TOP  | youtube TEEN TOP | website TEEN TOP | twitter  TEEN TOP | facebook TEEN TOP |  me2day

30일이에 봐요!!! ^__^ [See you on the 30th!] 뽕뽕 ~~~
언제까지나, twitter @imesotk | instagram kimhye_tk


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