The best of the best will soon be making its way across the globe and breaking ground in SOCAL – the OC to be more specific! You don’t have to be a KPOP fanatic to know the top entertainment companies with the greatest talent exports.

YG Entertainment is in the works to set up a “YG Land” in Southern California (Orange County) to jump-start their advancement into the North American market.

As for the property itself, YG Entertainment will be in partners with M+D Properties to build the mega home that will host the company in its new complex of “The Source.” This sister site will also host similar features as the main headquarters in Seoul – an all in one system with fully decked out recording studio for all its digital production needs and various practice studios/rooms for the artists.

I just really hope that they don’t morph into the North American culture and style though! UGH what will be the excitement in that!?! Got to keep the K-fashion, Korean culture and Hallyu wave alive!!

Check out the 3D rendering of “The Source”

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