Escape x Quebec Barn House

Even though a rustic and “earthy” living is all the rage these days, no matter how much of a “contemporary” design and/or an “upscale” interior design the home has undertaken, I honestly can’t grasp the idea of actually being in peace and loving this concept enough to want to live in….permanently. Okay, if we’re talking about a getaway cottage summer home, I just MIGHT be able to handle it then – a temporary seasonal departure into the wilderness vibe with the luxury.

The Malbaie VIII Residence in Quebec, Canada is a perfect example of what rustic meets contemporary. Designed by MU Architecture, this traditional barn has been restored with a completely new taste. Still maintaining the old structural feel and foundation of keeping it “earthy” with the use of white cedar planks, this old meets new concept gives off a complete different atmosphere – almost like a weekend getaway.

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