welcome to the club: eshisha nova #BePartOfTheClub

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream shisha. Sunshine, heat and shisha – when some of my favorite things are combined, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to be a lady of leisure. Sadly, this polar (friggin’) vortex isn’t much of a help when it comes to feeding my need for instant gratification or the opportunity to catch up on some relaxation – aka. au naturel prozac. Hence, the introduction to a very special delivery from my new friends in the UK.

eShisha Club was SO lovely to have sent me delicious “welcome to the club” package of something that I would consider to be one of the best creations ever! I’m finally able to fend off my shisha cravings in a much more compact, convenient and portable way now, thanks to my lovelies – adieu to constant time-consuming labor in preparing the hookah just so I can get a couple of seconds worth of puffs. *Granted, nothing actually beats the real moments of authentic charcoal burning and water bubbling shisha though* On January 28th, I received one of their first ever rechargeable and refillable shisha pen, with a bonus feature that a Type A personality would appreciate – color coding and labels galore to make cartridge changes more attractive and efficient above all.


Club Nova is a sleek electronic pen that comes assembled with a strawberry cartridge and a USB adapter for recharging after you’ve had you’re way with 300 puffs. Thinking about trying a different flavor? Each flavor is sold separately – but, after when the pen is fully charged (via USB), the battery life can sustain another 200 puffs until you need to change the cartridge. *Keep on puffing until you don’t see the vapor* Obviously, I’ve tried out other shisha pens, but this is the first that I’ve come across on a rechargeable one! Plus, the other brands where only able to last me no more than two hours max – which is 400 to 500 puffs.


Since its only been a couple of days since the union with this marvelous device, I have yet to test out all the delectable, nicotine-free flavors. *Please note that the refill cartridges are also sold separately* You can decide between two box selections: (1) “Flavourites Flavours” includes: Blueberry mint, chocolate, pina colada, strawberry and bubblegum and (2) “Mixed Fruits Flavours” includes: strawberry, cherry, grape, apple and (my favorite) watermelon.

P.S. I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to strawberry shisha (of any kind)…so, to be fair, I set aside my previous experience and tried a couple of puffs to see IF MAYBE this will be the day that I’ll change my mind. Sadly, it was a no go. It’s not just with eShisha Club, but all strawberry shisha in general is simply NOT my thing. Friends across the pond has told me that some of their favorites are the Pina Colada and Blueberry Mint! Because, I have yet to try the “Flavourites Flavours,” I suggest you go for the “Mixed Fruits” if you’re unsure of which pack to get.  #BePartOfTheClub



If you’re skeptical about electronic shisha, let me assure you that it’s nicotine free and technically, you’re “smoking” flavored vapour; “this is done by the heating of an e-liquid which is made possible with a battery inside the e-shisha. The e-liquid is made of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, both are considered to have no negative effects to health.” If you need an example, the two substance are also used to make daily necessities like, baked goods, toothpaste, mouthwash and various cosmetic products.

Even long after this post, I’ll continue to use eShisha Nova Club and post an update in a couple of weeks/months on how well this device survives, does it live up to my expectations, if I’d recommend this to friends and if I’ll continue to be loyal user of this specific brand. As a frequent flyer constantly jumping between different time zones, who knows what I’ll say (after its endured through all my travels). Let’s see where eShisha Club and I will be next…

Have you joined the club yet?

As Always,

stay lovely, let’s stay connected mes cheris
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