Blackjacks Unite X AON World Tour 2NE1의 월드 투어

Listen up BLACKJACKS, 

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, that moment where we can finally get to eye-witness the amazing-ness that is of 2NE1 has finally come! Tickets to the AON (“All or Nothing”) second world tour has finally hit the market mes cheris! Fashion, beauty, passion and unforgettable live performance, these four fierce and charismatic women have adopted a new “futuristic” and space-like concept; a symbolic gesture of moving forward – a new beginning, a new start.

To kick off what will be a spectacular performance of art and fashion, it makes sense that the world tour either starts or ends at the country/city where they call home – that is why 2NE1 has made SEOUL the first stop to the seventeen concerts that will take place in nine countries and thirteen cities.

If you’re planning on joining fellow BLACKJACKS (et moi) from worldwide in Seoul, make your way to the Olympic Park SK Handball Arena on March 01st, 2014 and/or March 02nd, 2014 at 18oo (6:00PM – Korea time)

Check out the new release of the dramatic cinema-esque trailer for the World Tour & New Album:

A different side of these pop culture (hallyu wave) icons showed a vulnerable side when interviewed for a pre “All or Nothing” concert and new album release. After years and years of training, waiting and wishing to debut has finally hit the girls as they wait for the much-anticipated “in HIGH DEMAND” self world tour. Check out the interview below:

Check out some BTS shots of their photo shoot:

Who else is getting beyond excited for this?? I’ve had the privilege to see these girls before and I can’t wait to experience the mind-blowing experience of their grand second world tour in SEOUL!! I look forward to seeing you all there and if you happen to run into me out-and-about, let’s strike up a conversation mes cheris! (:

Airline: KOREAN AIR!! || I’ve been getting asked which airline I fly with from Toronto to Incheon and to your obvious surprise, I only choose to fly with KOREAN AIR! Plus, it makes sense as I have a Korean Air sky-pass membership! (: But – 헐 ~~~ 오마이갓!! –> can’t believe this will be my fifth time trying to book a seat for my father et moi for February – all the seats are completely booked!! why-oh-why!!

Well, it has been swell, this is your Korea Ambassador signing off – until our next encounter mes cheris!  

As Always,
stay lovely – let’s stay connected mes cheris
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