Once again, one of our brilliant at home designers have taken on the role of “Coach” to this years up-and-coming student fashion designers who will be taking part in Unbound 2014. One of my Canadian favorites, David Dixon has joined the mentor list at Fanshawe College – Fashion Design Program. 

As a part of the Fashion Design Program at Fanshawe College, the fashion show curriculum is a crucial point for the students and future fashion designers! With the mentor-ship of David Dixon, these students will learn important lessons from the acclaimed designer which will later aid them in the development of their Spring 2015 collections. Having one-on-one time with a Canadian fashion icon would be a dream for any aspiring designer!

“I am tremendously excited to work with the emerging designers of Fanshawe College. Their faculty and students show great passion and dedication that is truly infectious. I am so thrilled to be a part of their journey.” – David Dixon

Honestly, if worrying about passing this program wasn’t enough pressure, the (soon-to-be) graduating students also went on a fabric purchasing trip to New York with David Dixon himself! Even before the departure, months of nonstop blood, sweat, tears and sanity will be tested and put on the hot spot. *I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s pressure waiting to build until the day of graduation – obviously the good pressure* From the twitter updates (@unbound14), looks like this excursion was a success and we’ll soon see what they’ve learned throughout the years in the Fashion Design Program!

Thankfully, I’m invited to attend the VIP cocktail launch party of Unbound 2014 with David Dixon later on this week and I can’t begin to tell you the anticipation in seeing the new talents hidden within our province! *It’s always a definitely plus seeing David Dixon, as he is truly one of the friendliest and a Canadiana gem* Make sure you’re ready to welcome new, innovative and stylish collections that will soon take the runways at the Unbound 2014 Runway show on April 12th, 2014! 

For your curiosity, take a look at a quick recap of last year’s Unbound 2013:

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