“Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”

First, I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope this fresh start brings  you happiness and most importantly, self-success and pride! haha don’t be silly if you thought I would say that you get everything you want! #wholiedtoyou let’s be realistic Whether you celebrated in style by having a dinner and/or cocktail soiree or lounged around in your most comfy pajama’s, I sincerely hope that you were all able to share it with dear family et friends! (:

Secondly – due to recent updates and a hectic start to 2014, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus to deal with some business! After all, time IS money and I simply can’t deny my workaholic needs to be blogging daily about every little sparkly thing that entertains moi (sorry but I’m not sorry) #dealwithit However, if anything, je pense this will give me more time to do smaller updates and not the usual hauls and reviews (i.e. current news, news worthy sharing, annoying addictions at the time, travel, cultural news, etc). So…I suppose this “hiatus” will be the opposite (to an extend)??

In the meantime, please join moi via TWITTER (@IMESOTK) and INSTAGRAM (IMESOTK) mes cheris! Who knows, depending on how well this pans out cough. how well you cooperate with this brief halt I’ll have some giveaways coming up!!! FREE STUFF?!? hell yes, you heard/read/seen it right! hahaha

(below is my current animated state as I still transition into the new year) 


Though I haven’t been much of a “new year’s resolution” making type of person *like, everrrr* I’ll leave you all with what will be my first and almost a life mantra!

“New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does NOT encourage them to take up more of my time!”

♪ FSOTD (feat song of the day) || Hyolyn 효린 – Let It Go (“Frozen” OST)

I haven’t seen this animated movie yet. But OST wise, I rather prefer this Korean version sung by Hyolyn! (The normal one is sung by Demi) Pourquoi for this choice? (1) It’s freezing as hell in Toronto right meow and I figured something “cute-sy” should do the trick, (2) There’s a major vocal range difference between the two singers and (3) It just sounds SO MUCH BETTER in Korean!

As Always,
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