If I had to choose one source of visual entertainment that I absolutely cannot live without, the answer is as clear as my mothers crystal glass sets. No matter what kind of day I’m having, I absolutely need my raging fix of Korean Drama intakes!  oddly enough, when I’m back in SEOUL, I rarely watch TV – minus the news! But when I’m back in North America, I can’t go two days without having being updated with the latest episodes

If you have followed the current events of Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave), Korean beauty, music and fashion aren’t the only sources of our hottest exports. K-DRAMA (Korean Drama) has been quickly rising to popular and in-demand statuses all over the globe. I was excited to hear that K-Drama has also made its way into the UAE and Qatar channels – dubbed of course. Not only are the story lines addictive (yet predictable), but the eye candy, fashion, style, filming and overall glam of it makes it that much more addicting! Whether you’re a fan of a particular actor/actress…there’s always something about K-DRAMAS that sucks in the audience.

Before I start naming the new shows I’m currently watching, THE HEIRS (상속자들) recently came to an end and I’ll be missing it! Can’t say that I’ve seen a last this good-looking in a while!!

THE HEIRS (20 Episodes) 

Brief synopsis of what this drama is about: Heirs follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families’ business empires. These wealthy students seem to have everything under control–except their love lives…

Below is an extended trailer (highlight) of what this drama is about:


Current Top 2 K-DRAMA Watch List


Aired: December 18th, 2013 – Present
Expected Episodes: 20 Episodes
Genre: Comedy (Melo) Drama

Taking over the prime time spot of “Heirs,” this new SBS drama is already ranking pretty high on the viewer charts, as it just aired their second episode only! The story of this drama is about a man from another planet, who has been stranded on Earth since the Joseon Dynasty and has waited 400 years for the chance to return home! Having always kept to himself (with an exception to one person), Do Min Joon (the “alien”), has a cynical view of human beings and how they believe everything is “fated” and “meant to have happened” approach to life…of course, it’s not a K-Drama without someone falling in love.

*OMG talk about SEOUL luxury living!! I’m utterly missing the high-tech and luxury style living!! I can’t begin to tell you how advanced and beyond amazing their condos/apartments are!!!* Here is the quick glimpse of Episode 1:

Here is one of the trailers for the series:


Aired Date: December 18th 2013 – Present
Episodes: 20 Episodes for series
Genre: comedy-melo drama

Way back play back. The story line is taken place in 1997 with flashback mini-stories (memory lane) told from an earlier high school time of 1987. The main plot of this drama is the need for survival for a small cosmetics company. Trying to get investors to stay a float and repay the financial debts, the company’s owner, Hyung-Joon (played by Lee Sun Kyun) tries to convince his high school crush, Oh Ji Young (played by Lee Yeon Hee) to enter the MISS KOREA pageant and win! Ji Young was a head-turner back in the days and everyone thought she had the greatest potential because she was one of the most beautiful girls around – but now, she lacks the motivation and ambition trying to make a name for herself. So, she works in a dying profession, as an elevator girl.

Check out the highlight video from Episode 1:

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