OMG it’s #BFW (Blogger Fashion Week)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Introducing the first of its kind, BLOGGER FASHION WEEK (#BFW), hosted by my friends at TREND TRUNK! From DECEMBER 09th – DECEMBER 15th, you’re able to shop the closets of some of today’s influential bloggers nation-wide!

I’m SO excited to have been chosen to partake in the first annual #BFW and can’t wait for you to see what other bloggers have listed in their mini-shops. However, not only is this week-long event great to find a new home for some pieces, but it’s a great hub to gather like-minded people to an outlet (like #BFW) to connect with others!!

Honestly, I was SO worried about this because:
(1) I didn’t have anything to list as I already did my closet cleansing weeks ago!! *I don’t like to get tardy when it comes to purging the closet…NO cluster for me please!*
(2) The stuff that I wanted to list, I was way too attached to them
(3) Majority of my current closet items are pretty much all FUR, black dresses and styles that I would NOT be able to find again because it’s an available one time only” and “one of a kind” purchases from here, there and especially from SEOUL!

….BUT, I attempted to get at least seven items into my closet shop and I hope they will find great homes! I can’t say that I was TOO impressed with what I able to find BUT nonetheless, I manged to part ways with some of my simple, “easy to pair with” articles.

ONE thing that I can tell you about this is that, for NEXT YEAR, I will be READY and I’ll make sure that I don’t discard the clothes before I can find them new homes with the help of TRENDTRUNK!

** Each day of the week, there will be featured bloggers! Stay tuned to see which date I’ll be featured by visiting them!**
To continue to BLOGGER FASHION WEEK, click the invite below and begin to browse to your heart’s content mes cheris!!

For more information on TREND TRUNK:
website ; facebook ; twitter 

I shall end this post with a song that I can’t seem to get out of my head lately!
PLUS, this will be a great runway song..don’t you think? (; hehe

As Always,
THERESATK BLOG SIGNOFFstay lovely – let’s stay connected mes cheris!
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