Relic Hunter x City Of Heracleion rises [고대 세계]

A myth comes to life. A supposed lost city (similar to Atlantis) has been found, proving that fables of great travelers and grande luxuries of gold truly existed. If you’re a big time history ancient civilization lover like I am and have followed current events on latest cultural discoveries, then you should already know that a “lost city” has been found! tada fan flares

Call me the “Angels and Demons” Dan Brown of ancient society. I’ve always been greatly fascinated with ancient civilization and wanted to be a “relic hunter” yes, from that t.v show! haha…until I was told that no such job existed, unless I wanted to be an archaeologist

The closest thing we’ll get to the “lost city of Atlantis” is the newly found, long-lost city Heracleion – in Egyptian, this city was called “Thonis.” Now resting in the Bay of Aboukir, this is a true discovery bridging the gap between myth and reality. This great city was once thriving during the era of the Pharaohs, held extraordinary wealth (as  mentioned in various textbooks) and was known to be the central port of Egypt in trading, knowledge and religion.

Disappearing into the depths of the Mediterranean sea over 1,200 years ago, Heracleion (aka. Thonis) accidently discovered in 2000 by an underwater archaeologist Dr. Franck Goddio, who was actually searching for the Egyptian coastline for 18th century warships from the battle of the Nile.

Once hosting great leaders, warriors and royals then, it was known to be the home of the Temple of Amun and Temple where Cleopatra was inaugurated. Helon of Troy and her lover Paris (yes, Paris is a male name for those who didn’t know!) also visited this lost city just before the Trojan War outbreak.

Isn’t it incredibly mind-boggling to think that way-back-when, during that century, the citizens of Heracleion probably couldn’t begin to think that their home would be a part of history? That something like this (sinking into the dark depths of the sea) could happen?? More than sixty-four ships, giant statues and thousands of trinkets of artifacts have been uncovered!

Thanks to modern technology, here is a 3D rendering of what the city might have looked like:

If you’re curious to know when  you can book your trip to see the ancient ruins, it could take a bit longer…pourquoi? It has been stated that it could take about 200 years for the archaeologists to fully discover and raise the ruins from beneath the sea level.

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