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How about we skip this season and go straight onto the glorious ones to come? I’m talking about either hibernating throughout these drab winter days to come AND escape to a piece of paradise where the sun is shining and heat is blazing. Wouldn’t that be the luxurious life? As much I would love to be bouncing off the walls in excitement, we all know that I lack the particular enthusiasm when it comes to welcoming this thing called, a winter wonderland. So, what did I do to change things up a bit?

On Tuesday, November 26th 2013, I was invited to attend SS14 #PressDays, hosted by the lovely ladies of Lotus Leaf Communications. For someone who despises going outside in this cold, how did I manage to kick myself in the arse to get going? Well, it didn’t help that on the day of, Julia (Owner of Lotus Leaf) posted a delicious image of these “too-cute-to-eat” cupcakes, but, I also simply couldn’t resist missing out on getting the first exclusive look at what delicious things were to come for Spring and Summer of 2014!

lotusleaf office

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by pretty things to get my mind off of things. Here, Lotus Leaf curated a showroom showing some of their clients upcoming collection, ranging from beauty to clothing, arm candy and of course, shoes – Dr. Martens to be more exactly! I know right!? Upon entering their new office space (at 675 King Street West, Toronto), I immediately knew that it was going to be a good day filled with eye candy! With the vibrant ambiance of colors, friendly faces and welcoming hostess’, Spring Summer 2014 #PressDays  at Lotus Leaf was on cue to solving the “first days of winter hangover.”

From my scheduled appointment, I actually stayed about 2 hours roaming around the office showroom while absorbing every single information, interacting with the clients and eye-googling all these “yet-to-be-launched” fashion tease. If I were to give you a play by-play of everything that I’ve learned on this day, it will be an essay length, hence, I’ll give you a condensed “in a nutshell” version of what’s to come for Spring Summer 2014 mes cheris. Here are some of my top picks from the SS14 #PressDays:


For me, we all know that I take priority in having only the best in skin care. Of course, other things like, hair and beauty would fall under this category BARE LOVE BEAUTY is an all-Canadian brand that is Eco-friendly, vegan and all natural! Not having to compromise the high quality for being all natural, Bare Love Beauty delivers key products to target hair, face and body for everyday use; by the use of Oliolove Technology and all-natural oils. Although I have yet to try any Bare Beauty Love products, I’m sure from the positive response I’ve read and heard, you can most probably expect me to (eventually) add some of these products to my beauty regime.


The coolest thing I learned about Bare Love Beauty is that their products use a time release capsule. What is this you ask? The Oliolove Technology that I mentioned before, throughout the day, the oils in the product(s) gradually release into your skin. Have you wondered why some moisturizer products dry up a couple of hours into the day? Then you have to go through the hassle of having to constantly reapply. But, “OlioLove Technology naturally micro-encapsulates the oils in to spheres and gradually throughout the day, those spheres burst and disperse our skin compatible ingredients. Therefore, skin can take what it needs, when it needs it most throughout the course of the day.” Plus, those who are sensitive like moi, all products of Bare Love Beauty are allergy tested, has no synthetic ingredients and doesn’t have an overwhelming scent of artificial creams. The price range for Bare Love Beauty is anywhere between $28.00-$58.00CAD.

While we’re talking about the face, let’s get down to my other love of beauty, mink lashes. An opportunity presented itself when I saw that ESQIDO was a part of the #PressDays – especially since my mink eye lash extensions are completely off for the season. So, with holiday dinner soirees around the corner, it was pretty obvious that I must try new lashes to fulfill my empty beauty void. I want lashes worthy of bashing and flirting for days There’s not much information out there about these chic lashes yet, because it is still new and have yet to launch. There’s an assortment of style these premium handcrafted lashes come in that is sure to meet whichever glam factor you’re looking for. A set of lashes range from $30.00-$40.00CAD. Look forward to my beauty product review on these bad gals soon! Eeek I’m skipping for joy for these to arrive!!



Moving onto fashion staples for Spring/Summer 2014. I always think that it’s the littlest things that usually pull an outfit together – jewelry, accessories, watches, etc. There were two companies present showing all the sparkle and shine. First, I couldn’t believe that I have never heard of WATCH IT! Like, seriously! Where on earth have I been hiding all this time?!? But then again, I haven’t really been the greatest or loyalest watch wearing person here. For as long as I remember, I’ve always worn more classic styles (my first watches being classic Swarovski, Chanel and vintage Hermes). So, granted with particular styles like this, I have never been too keen on seeking the “hottest” or “most trending” time pieces, until recently. I have my Habibi for this and for this great taste in gifting me my newest watch


WATCH IT is an online company that carries a great deal of watches of all styles and price ranges! At #PressDay, Watch It brought some of their current best-selling pieces and (of course) Spring/Summer 2014 timepieces that will be available next year – Designer and top known brands like: Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Guess and Fossil just to name a few. When selecting a watch for next season, you can expect to see a lot more rose-gold, classic styles and detailing. Girls love the big “boyfriend watch” look, but you have to remember that there is a thing where the watch size is just too big for you. From the plate to face and band, the Spring/Summer collections (which you will soon see) is more feminine friendly without crossing the boundary into a “it’s good enough for a little girl/preteen” style. Give me a classic grandmothers watch over that any day! At least I’ll be classic and vintage couture



The bold pop of color on the faces were simply divine and I’m actually converted into adding color into my watch collection! Thanks to the little gift card, I’m looking forward to doing some damage online. Here were my TOP THREE picks from MICHAEL KORS that I need:

If I’m looking for some FUN into my wardrobe, these Karl Lagerfeld, Toki Doki collection, will most definitely satisfy! Plus, it was a given that I absolutely loved this white watch!!!



This next jewelry design company made an impact in my day! From an avid philanthropist point of view, the thing that impressed me most about HILLBERG & BERK, is that they collaborate with various organizations/charities and women with a story. Just because they’re selling jewelry didn’t mean that they had to follow the standards of beauty and business of what sells. Even the models featured when shooting their collection are “everyday women” – there is no standard on who is beautiful and who they cater to.


“Beauty, sophistication and timelessness…Every piece of jewelry we create encompasses these elements. Jewelry should be a reflection of your individual style and personal refinement…We believe every woman should possess self confidence, an optimistic outlook on life and several pieces of investment worthy jewelry that she truly loves.”

The founder and jewelry designer, Rachel Mielke creates versatile pieces that can easily go from day time to evening wear; Timeless and investment pieces that can be adjusted to fit your style needs. All Hillberg & Berk designs are crafted with sterling silver, gold and high quality gem stones. The price ranges from affordable $50.00CAD to high hundreds and thousands, depending on the collection and style you choose. They also do customized work to suit whatever the occasion is. Current celebrity fans include: Michelle Obama, Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Barbara Walters, etc.

If that isn’t enough for you to get intrigued about Hillberg & Berk, “The Legacy Collection” is a ONE-TIME-ONLY creation! Meaning, you will not be able to find what is left of this prestigious collection anywhere else or anytime soon after this batch – once it’s gone, it’s gone! If you’re wondering why can’t they just made more? The key source used to create this Legacy collection is, Madagascar Tourmaline.


What is Tourmaline? According to the dictionary online, it’s “a typically black or blackish mineral that occurs as prismatic crystals in granitic and other rocks. It consists of a boron aluminosilicate and has pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties.”

In a nutshell, no two batch in the same area will have the same coloring, detailing, clarity, etc. Sure, there is plenty here and there, but finding the right pieces is hard to come by and it could be from hundreds, only a handful could be useful with undamaged crystals to create something like “The Legacy Collection.” Did I also mention that Hillberg & Berk were commissioned to create a one of a kind broach for the Queen of England? Well, that’s how the creation of “The Legacy Collection” came to be.

*Can’t wait to wear these out!! Thanks a bunch HILLBERG & BERK*


Next on the list, let’s talk about shoes! DR.MARTENS and INSOLITO TERRA! First, we all know of DR.MARTENS right? It’s a brand that is known to have one of the most durable shoes with a rugged look. Quality that lasts. Honestly though, it was always a hit and miss for me when trying to find the perfect pair of Dr.Martens. Pourquoi? Although their collections range a great amount and they are truly great, I never really felt that their styles resembled something that I could wear.



This season, DR.MARTENS took a more classic approach – going with metallic, subtle prints, laser cuts and embellishments. I think this Spring/Summer 2014 collection has changed my mind on how I look at Dr. Martens and I’m looking forward to adding a few of these into my shoes collection! Look out for what I get!



PS. can’t forget the bags



INSOLITO TERRA really got me excited though! Even though they are a menswear brand, I couldn’t help but think which shoes I should get for Habibi! Sure, he is one of the most extreme picky person ever!!! But, I felt that something will definitely cry out to him!! *I’m aiming for surprising him with this – granted, it’ll stay a surprise if he doesn’t read this! hehe shh* What better way to say WELCOME HOME from abroad than with new pair of shoes?! Luxury footwear for the conventional everyday men. Insolito Terra creates high fashion shoes with real comfort (so it has stated on their website), by using foot acupressure insoles to help improve posture, improve pressure points by relaxing muscle tension and stimulate circulation; each design is carefully created and looked after with the up-most care to attention to detail.


Personally, I felt the best word to describe the styles I saw was, “GQ” – sexy footwear for the handsome man (or men) in your life! From everyday loafers to evening wear, every pair of shoes is designed elegantly and with luxury style! I’ll most definitely have to look into purchasing a pair or two or three!! *Fingers crossed* and if you’re interested, I will post a review/look of how these shoes are in real life if I get a pair for Habibi! Check out some of my favorite picks from INSOLITO TERRA:





Is it bad to admit that I still la la love playing outside in the rain?? When it rains, I have a tendency to suddenly disappear from the dry comfort of being snuggled on the couch with a blanket and found standing outside in the rain with my gigantic umbrella! *The only kind of umbrella I like to use are my father’s golf umbrellas – because, you can’t find a single raindrop on you when under this huge contraption! ahaha of course, there that case of being the “tool” who takes up the entire sidewalk forcing others to either go onto the street to pass me or, stay stuck behind me muhaha* Coming across RAINDROPS might offer an alternative way for me to enjoy being out in the rain!

There was a wide choice of what’s to come from RAINDROPS for Spring/Summer 2014 – New materials, styles and cyclist friendly designs. Although I loved seeing all the new upcoming stuff, I absolutely couldn’t stray away from the red raincoat (because it’s in my favorite color!) and the rubber rain boots (shown below) with the pink accents! As an extra bonus feature, the coats have a drawstring where you can adjust your size and comfort – we all have that issue where what we wear underneath affects how you feel and look with outerwear. Big comfort sweaters will no longer be an issue if you decide to wear one of Raindrops coats. Plus, who knew that they also make a kids collection??! *Eeee ultimate cuteness!!*


Let’s talk about this umbrella!! I’m feeling southern belle or Parisian aristocrat.


MINK PINK was all about showing the various styles throughout fashion’s memorable decades. The collection of pieces assembled for #PressDays had an assortment of styles that every attendee in the room could pick out and say, “totally my style” or “I would SO wear this!” At first, I was a bit confused at what season I was looking at, because they had three racks filled with delicious designs! But, eventually I got over it and thought the clothes itself speak for itself and I couldn’t help but create a wish list!

Though the colors weren’t as bold as I would have expected for Spring/Summer, I was delighted to know that Mink Pink has incorporated a lot of patterns and cuts instead! This won my approval! The great thing about Mink Pink is that, like so many other designers, no matter what season it’s from, everything is mix-and-match friendly; creating your own style within Mink Pink.


*There was ONE article of clothing that I found too amusing though! haha! It had nothing to do with the styling, but…(as shown above) the printed red pants with elastic waist is actually what the older generation (i.e. grandmothers) wear in KOREA!! It’s known as farming / working pants for grandmothers – you can see a lot of these at night markets and especially when you drive out into country and out on the farm/crop fields. You can see below the closer image of the pants (: haha I have nothing against these, I’ve tried them on!


These were my favorite pieces from MINK PINK at #PressDays!!


For the ladies who travel just as much as I do, or is often packing a weekend bag, it will be useful to look up my friends at HENKAA. Creators of convertible fashion, giving one dress twenty-one looks! Imagine that, ONE dress and you can create over twenty-one different looks! There is a variety of color palettes available and they come in three lengths; short for making a long top, medium for knee-length and my favorite, full length to create the perfect maxi dress! Not only are the materials light, breathable and durable, the fabric does not cling! Even though I consider myself to be a pretty advanced packer, I’ll be more than glad to welcome Henkaa into my wardrobe, as it’ll make packing SO much lighter and life will be more convenient! Throw in one or two Henkaa dresses in different colors into my luggage…I’m ready to go!


Personal Note on Henkaa: This would be a great substitute to the typical bridesmaid dresses! Pourquoi? As long as everyone has the same color, each can wear the dress that best flatters and shows off their features! Plus, how many times can we really wear a fancy bridesmaid dress? This way, you can wear it for that special occasion, AND continue to wear it throughout all season! *hint hint* as I will soon have to be in a bridesmaid dress…ahem Christie! (; Just a thought.

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