please buckle your safety belts at all times when seated

We’ve all been there, seen it, heard it and chose to ignore it countless times when aboard a flight. Just before take-off, the stewardess would roam the isles to make sure: all bags are properly stored either above the cabin or under a seat, seats are at an upright position and most importantly, we have our seat belts buckled and fastened. That’s the easy part (for the passenger). But honestly, when was the last time you actually paid attention to the pre-flight safety video/pamphlet/demonstration? I’m guilty as charged! Actually, I can’t seem to recall watching any safety videos because, for some odd reason, I actually tune/daze out…

To shake things up in the airline industry and to stress the importance of how we ALL should be paying attention to the pre-flight demonstrations, VIRGIN AMERICA has gone to the dark side! haha I kid. I kid. (1) everyone loves to see something flashy. Those who deny it are totally lying. Pourquoi? well, it got your attention didn’t it?! mhmm! and (2) who wouldn’t want their lives to be a musical?? So, how would one turn something that’s a total snooze-fest (such as reading and watching old school-low budget looking safety videos)? Let alone, get over 6,950,798 MILLION views without having to board a plane?!?!

On October 29th 2013, VIRGIN AMERICAN launched this #VXsafetydance:

Directed by Jon M.Chu (of Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D) with the assistance of Choreographers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott.

I can’t believe I actually watched the entire 4 minutes and 59 seconds of this safety video!! Even though this was as amusing as watching youtube videos of cute animals doing stupid things, I have to give VIRGIN AMERICA an A++ for being innovative and for thinking outside the box to reach their customers.

P.S. Have I told you lately that it’s my next mission of being a “Jill-Of-All-Trades” to become a flight attendant?!? True story!

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