The time has come mes cheris for me to officially announce my excitement of this great innovative and cultural infused event of all time! What better way is there for me to channel my love for Middle-Eastern culture with my patriot love of KOREA?!? OMG I don’t know exactly why I’m on the edge this much but…you know you love me xoxo.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

…did you figure out to what I’m basing this frantic post about? Oui? Non? Well, K-POP lovers from around the world are in for a treat! AND – if you’re a k-pop obsessed lover like I am, then you can sense the overwhelming pride and joy of HALLYU WAVE officially making its way to the Gulf.

When hearing news of K-POP, obviously we all know my girls, SNSD (Girls’ Generation) and their win at the first YOUTUBE MUSIC AWARDS [click to read review]

DIMA! This short four letter word should be enough for it to ring a charm. Non? Still not completely understanding to what I’m referring to? le sigh. Its okay, I won’t hold this against you if you weren’t able to catch up

DIMA award logo

Mes cheris, allow me to introduce to you the first ever DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS 2014 ! Pourqoui am I saying this like it’s the cure to an incurable disease? Well, first, don’t be crass. Second, I’m beyond excited because for the first time, K-POP artists will take on a platform of this sort – not only are they selected to join the glorious festivities that is to come, but they will also be performing in Dubai along with many other talents. So what’s the difference between DIMA and any other music awards? I honestly have to give applause to the Executive team. Here, not only do fans decide who wins the awards for various categories, but they also vote for the artists to perform at the Award Show in 2014! To put it in a nutshell, it’s a battle of the talents.

ROAD TO DIMA plays an important role leading up to the Award show next year. Showcasing the top artists from twenty countries and five continents, viewers are the ones making the decision! Remember when I said it’s a “battle of the talents?” Well, this is the best part! Two international artists will perform and compete to survive and gain the votes to move closer to the stage of DIMA 2014 – this will happen every month leading up to the finalization and closing of the ballots, which is set to be ten days before the award show date. Another great thing about DIMA, the votes can be neck-to-neck and the voting polls are open for the public THAT much longer!

“The public will have the chance to decide who will perform at the awards show next year…The battle artists are big. The artists likely to be up for nomination are even bigger.” – Asi Bendacha, Executive Producer

There’s no barrier in music here. Whether its American, Korean, Indian, Italian, Spanish, etc. everyone is equally involved without any pre-existing favoritism. Each artist will be judged, seen and heard how they would be back in their own stage of their country. The nominees will be announced in OCTOBER 2014, then immediately following that, will be the online voting polls where the public can vote for month – until the show ten days apres!!

Who would I love to see representing K-POP at DIMA 2014? Hmm, how about we stick to the basics and let one of our top exports do that job and make us proud!?!! My picks are: BIG BANG, 2NE1, SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR and I guess 2PM would fit into this group as well. Pourquoi? (1) Everywhere they go, they have an insane fan base who travel across several continents just to catch a glimpse of them, (2) They know how to deliver a good live performance – none of the American garbage, these guys sing live!, (3) They can SING while dancing around, and (4) They can dance! It’s an obvious given that which ever artist represents K-POP should know how to dance, since everyone already knows that Koreans know how to dance! haha – But seriously, if an “underdog” or “newbs” had to be selected, I would hands-down select EXO! After seeing them perform at MAMA 2013 (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013), I was convinced completely that they can deliver! Also, if we’re going for a STRONG vocal power house, it’ll have to be AILEE!

Catch EXO perform “Growl ” (my fave) and “Beauty and The Beast” at MAMA 2013:

Watch AILEE at our brotherland/blood-brother country (aka. TURKEY):

I would have posted a wild performance of the group BIG BANG, but…because he is my KPOP crush of all time, I just HAD to share with you T.O.P‘s performance of “Doom DaDa” at MAMA 2013:

Of course, when it comes to celebrating and awarding talent, it’s also important to support and showcase local talents. So, to promote the local talents, DIMA has created an online voting competition where local artists can show what they got. This online “contest” is to be launched and live in Summer 2014 – the lucky winner with the most online votes will be given a life changing opportunity to perform AT the Dubai International Music Festival 2013 AFTER SOIREE!

*** Who knows, maybe I’ll be seeing you IN DUBAI, joining all the raging festivities!!***

For mes cheris who won’t be able to make it to Dubai, you can also catch-all the action via FOX TV – and – through the advancement in modern technology, the show will also be streamed online.

Stay tuned to find out more information (on voting and streaming) and for upcoming news and developments with yours truly, THERESA TK! ❤

As Always,
Stay lovely – Let’s stay connected mes cheris
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10 responses to “DIMA 2014: DUBAI ARE YOU READY??

  1. Hello
    Please can I know when Dubai Music Awards 2014 will be held.I knew that it will be in November but on what day I didnt know.Can you please tell me?Thank you

  2. hi , please do you know where we can see details about tickets and how to buy them ???

    • Hello there! Unfortunately, no new information have been released about the Awards happening in Dubai in November! But, the tickets will be on sale AFTER all the artists have been chosen.

  3. annyeong!~
    do u know the date of this event when exo will be performing? 🙂

    • Annyeong!
      Date has yet to be finalized and I’m cheering for EXO to perform as well. Hopefully they’ll update the website soon with all the proper information. Stay tuned!

  4. Pingback: [UPDATE] DIMA 2014 x KPOP | THERESA TK·

    • kekekekeee most definitely! all this waiting is taking SO long but I’m too excited for this as well!! can’t wait!!! hwaitingg!!! (: see you in DXB

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