Gather around K-POP lovers from around the world, yours truly has decided to give you a weekly chart of all the top songs making a rank in my daily playlist! fan applause here is welcomed..hurrah!! Like so many of you, obviously there’s a playlist to suit the mood you’re in, oui? Well, this would just be a general playlist that can be taken from morning to-night – given that you’re in the mood of…a k-drama variety in the form of a musical playlist.

Firstly, let’s give it up to a new track that was released a couple of hours ago (whichever timezone you’re at). We all know Sistar, yes? Well, Hyolyn (the main vocals) have officially stepped out of the group to give you a solo creation. Obviously her voice is just…wow, most definitely it was time for her to have a solo deal on the side! The music video (which was released today, November 25th) is filled with great visual affects, like…animation, capturing and full on fashion forward concepts that is very suitable for the chic cobble stone streets of London town; its an effortless glamour and styling that I’m absolutely loving! Nothing too fierce and roar, but still alluring and ultra sexy. Music wise, this track is perfect for Hyolyn’s husky voice – it’s soothing yet, the chorus “la-la-la-lonely” is strangely addictive. Please Starship Entertainment, invest in helping your artists pronounce English properly – I’m here to help if need be lol

Second on my playlist (but really, it should have been first above anything), the legendary female girl group, 2NE1!!! There’s nothing about 2NE1 that can make me say “who lied to them!? ugh” pourquoi? because everything that they do is exactly on-point and YG Entertainment is doing a beyond fabulous job on managing them and helping them grow as an artist!! brava and can I get an encore!? Their latest single, “MISSING YOU” is an all-kill in my books! I didn’t realize until this morning just how emotional and raw this song is! I definitely got a little emotional!! true story – just listen to the lyrics Even the CEO, Yang Hyun Suk (of YG Entertainment) revealed that this song caused his wife (as well as 2NE1) to shed some tears.

“Look out for haters to call out the comparisons from Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, but CL does sad and naked with WAY MORE CLASS!” – Billboard Music (in address to CL’s nude scene)

Obviously, it’s not a 2NE1 topic without talking about the perfect styling and fashion! This music video is like so many of their others which will make you envious! ugh who do I have to kill to get that kind of wardrobe!? haha fashion kills if you haven’t heard already peepal!! …. in response to the nude scene, let’s go straight to the words of the fierce leader, CL:

“I listened to Missing You and thought that no outfit fit well with this song. I wanted to show the sincere and raw portrayal of loneliess and lack of strength when a person is alone.”

And so, the all-kill chart according to yours truly continues with…the lady who has the moves and the fiercest abs I’ve seen yet, Kahi! The song title, “It’s ME” suits Kahi purrfectly! It has an undertone of funk and r&b with a bit of dubstep just to kick it up a notch for those powerful dance moves. This is an extra plus because the one and only Dumbfoundead is featured.

Kiss kiss kiss baby…Hush hush hush baby ~~ after their debut with pop infused songs, it has been a bit of a hit and miss for me unfortunately. However, MISS A is back with “Hush” and I’m loving it! Actually, the chorus is what really has me hooked! The girls looked fabulous in simple styling and I have to give major applause to the MUA of this music video! Loved the simple makeup with the bold red lips + hair in a sleek ponytail! brava.

Moving on, I’m alright! You? All right, this next singer has an indie like vibe and her ability to reach a wide vocal spectrum is of no surprise to those who have followed her career move on the Korean music variety show. Lim Kim is “All Right” and what do you think?

Alright, this New Jersey girl is not to be reckoned with! Her voice is so powerful that you absolutely can’t overlook! This song is a couple of months old (July 2013) but I still can’t get enough of it! It’s a new ode to girl power song!! Vocals are excellent, styling is superb, hair and makeup is sexy, creatives are bang on (talk about those backdrops! ugh I need!) and this powerhouse is on the rise! Introducing, Ailee with “U & I” *PS. that hair color though!! love love! PPS. wanna be friends? lol

Another member of a girl group to have a solo activity. Song Ji Eun is a hidden gem in the kpop world. Not only do I feel that she got SO much prettier, but her voice has definitely evolved. This soulful ballad leaves a haunting memory and keeps me going back for more replay

A newcomer to the k-pop industry is a vocal trio (debuted in July 2013) and I find that they’re one of the few groups where all the members perfectly harmonize each other in a chorus. Introducing LUSH with their second track, “Yesterday”

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