Tasty Pleasures: Afghan cuisine

Best dining places in Mississauga? I’ve explored and found some quaint hidden gems mes cheris. Actually, my boyfriend and I have test out some places and OMG I can’t begin to tell you the hits and misses in the peel region. But, for obvious reasons, I’m not going to list all the places in one post.

For those who know, when it comes to exploring cultural cuisines, I’m at the front of the line. Especially middle-eastern cuisine yummy but if it’s my boyfriends (and his mother’s) cooking, then I’m all over that! One of my ultimate favorites – next to my mother’s Korean home cooking!

Have you ever tried Afghan cuisine? One of our regular places to go is, Bamiyan Kabob (at 5120 Dixie Rd, Mississauga). This delicious authentic establishment features an extremely simple menu of tasty delights cooked with flavorful spices, cooked at the right temperature and just enough to put me into a food baby status. Known to be the “best Afghan halal cuisine in the city,” this place is great to go to for lunch and dinner. The price range is moderate (ranges from $9.00-$13.00 for dinner plates).

Habibi (aka. my love) and I have gone to Bamiyan Kabob several times and have pretty much tried out everything on their menu. Note: if a place has my boyfriends stamp of approval, then you know it’s a time worthy and gastro worthy place to dine at! On our most recent visit to this restaurant, we ordered the Kofta Kabob dinner plate ($8.99) and Sultani Kabob dinner plate ($12.49).


Kofta Kabob dinner plate ($8.99)

All dinner plates are served one a bed of rice, side of green salad and freshly baked naan. The boyfriend had the Sultani Kabob dinner plate which is a mixed combination of one Barg kabob skewer and one Kofta kabob skewer. I had the Kofta Kabob dinner plate which has two skewers of lean ground beef marinated in fresh grated spices and seasoning. Usually, I don’t eat beef, but…this was just too delicious not to try! (Obviously recommended by Habibi) [click here to view their menu] make sure to get the extra spiced sauce on the side


Sultani Kabob dinner plate ($12.49)

If you’re not into beef, you can try what I ordered the first time when I went to Bamiyan Kabob; the Tandoori Chicken Kabob dinner plate ($10.99). At the end, my favorite item on their menu has to be the freshly baked, squishy naan!! yum yum Honestly, every time Habibi and I go here, I feel the need to tell him that I could fill up on these! In which most cases, I did, because I would eat the naan before I attack the dinner plate. Thankfully, this time around, I learned my lesson and waited until I at least ate all the meat from my plate before devouring the naan.

Overall, this place is a most definitely what I like to consider a hidden gem and has yet to fail us knock on wood The minor downfalls of this place though are:

  1. They don’t take credit cards (but then again, this doesn’t really affect me because I am a trusted Debit-Visa card user!)
  2. They don’t have delivery
  3. You really have to be smart picking a time and date to go here! They don’t take reservations but it usually gets packed! So, granted the queue is a bit of a hassle. *PLUS, they don’t allow you to call ahead to place your order, unless you’re requesting a pick up* But usually, after you place your order, there’s approx a 10-15 minute wait until you get your food.
  4. One of the biggest things I look for, ambiance! Because it is a family restaurant, obviously there will be times when families come with babies and toddlers…THIS, simply doesn’t do pour moi! Pourquoi? It usually depends on the crowd, but at times, the noise level in here can get to the point where I simply can’t dine anymore and get a real headache!

Other than that, this place is a great choice if you’re in the mood for some delicious Afghan cuisine! Let me know how you like this place if you check it out! Perhaps we’ll be running into you there one of these days – if that day happens, don’t be afraid to say “HELLO!” to us.

As Always,
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