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Tinsel? Window frosting? Wreathes? Scented glittered pine cones? Okay, how about lights upon lights on more lights? You know what I’m talking about. December is fast approaching and if you’re like me, you know there is always room for last-minute Christmas shopping! Actually, let’s get real, I know that majority of you will probably procrastinate until you absolutely must get yourself to the mall at the last hour parce que Christmas is…like, tomorrow! Yes? No? Well, whatever your situation may be,  don’t fret if you hit a mental brick wall and can’t seem to figure out what to get your special someone(s)/people in your lovely life.

On Tuesday November 12th, I attended the first #HolidayCharm gifting suite hosted by Charming Media at Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square (at 75 Bremner Blvd. Toronto). Showcasing an array of clients which Charming Media represents, I can honestly say that there were couple “trinkets and treats” that caught my eye and made it to my wish list! So…if anyone wants to get me any of these below, I welcome them with open arms and warmest thanks! hehehe

Firstly, let’s get down to an important necessity when hosting a successful gathering of any sort, especially if it’s done during a holiday season. It’s an obvious duty of a host(ess) to have specially curated and irresistibly delicious vino selection – A savory vino goes a long way mes cheris! and if you’re not a wine drinker, I hope you’re ready to have scotch, neat! One thing I’m against is having all this messy vodka mixers staining the granite counter Labeled as this seasons top holiday wine, VIP Argentinian Pinto Grigio is an absolute must when entertaining. This specific pinto has a bold finish with exotic fruits and floral notes (fruit flavors and aromas of green apple, white peach, pear and exotic lychee). Perhaps you’re thinking about hosting a dinner soiree? Argentinian Pinto is simply scrumptious when paired with shrimp cocktails, gouda cheese, fruit and vegetable plates, cranberry glazed meats, chicken salad (with fruit infusion), corn bread stuffing, desserts, etc. If you’re not a pinto person, you can also try STLTO Wine (same creator and owner). I’ve tried their other selections during the summer and you can’t go wrong with them either!  Interested in giving this award-winning vino a try? You can find it at your local LCBO store – product #272351.


Some of the delightful trinkets and treats at the #HolidayCharm gifting suite were (listed in no specific order):

    You’ve read about them from one of my earlier beauty review posts (found here). The moment I opened a package and started unfolding the mask, I knew that I would immediately fall in love with all six varieties. How did I know? I don’t mean to brag much, but obviously, when it comes to facial masks, I’m somewhat a fluent speaker. *I am from SEOUL after all, the country with all the answers to skincare and beauty* Skin care obsession is considered one of my true religion! Although I really do love the six flirty varieties of face masks carried my Maskeraide, my two absolute favorites would be, “Weather Warrior” and “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up.” [all masks can be purchased online at $5.99CAD each]
    Since I already mentioned one skin care must have item, allow me to introduce to you a new brand I’m eager to try! Gratiae is an all organic beauty by nature line with ingredients that are environmental friendly – thermal spring water with exclusive minerals, flora native to the sea of Galilee area and carefully selected organic plants. The sole purpose of Gratiae is to keep all things natural while assisting us with one of the oldest beauty problems of all time, anti-aging. It’s a growing up side-affect. le sigh* but thankfully Gratiae is here to help! Obviously men can use these products as well! In fact, I urge men to take care of their skin by having a daily facial routine! I can’t begin to tell you just how thankful I am that my Habibi  (boyfriend-hubby) is extremely patient and puts up with me wanting to give him facials and constantly moisturize his face. On a plus note, I received a jar of HONEY MASSAGING OIL and I can’t wait to work this into one of my skin care routines! *Curious as a cat*
    20131112_152824Immediately from my first test run, I noticed that the liquid is not actually an oil-like base. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say that it’s more of a light moisturizer or cleansing lotion. The texture is light weight, doesn’t leave residue, doesn’t have harsh exfoliation beads and the scent is delightfully light; nothing overwhelming, it reminds me of the light scent your skin has after leaving the spa.
    Oh Canada! The first thing that came to my mind as I reached for the ultra soft and luscious Australian sheepskin beauties were, “why the beep didn’t I know about these earlier!?! where have you been all my life!! ugh.” When delivering fashion with high quality, Flurries doesn’t fall short in that group – with the use of the highest quality sheepskin shoes, boots and accessories, all products are created with authentic Australian sheepskin, giving it that super soft and warm finish. *To paint a clearer picture, it’s that feeling you have when saying, “awww” – you’re filling with that warm fuzzy feeling and all you want to do is lounge around in a pair of Roots Canada sweatpants in front of a fireplace at the cottage.* Though everything I saw was a must have, my favorite items were the extreme dangerously soft and adorable moccasins and earmuffs! *hint hint. please send them over my way haha it’ll serve me perfectly as I frequently fly all over*
    Hmm…I don’t really have much to say about them, other than that they are extremely cute and stylish. Carrying various prints, colors and style, there are bound to be a couple of pairs of socks that’ll suit to whatever your mood is. Although I have a strict rule when it comes to the color of socks, I have to say that I’m starting to grow fond of bold prints and patterns. *While in Seoul, I saw the most put together (literally a million dollar outfit) gentleman in a perfectly fitted suit with the prettiest socks ever! Mind blown! I’ll eventually have to start suggesting something like that to my love…safe to say, my brother has already jumped on this trend ages ago* I’ll eventually try/get Socking Behaviour for my Habibi and/or brothers and father to try – for now, I’m in love with the designs I found in Seoul.
    Again, is there anything that absolutely must be said about Buytopia? The way how I look at it, it’s pretty simple and I love them for it! Great finds and great deals – after all, life is so much better when products and services are at 50-90% off!
    I first came across Threeworks at an event during this past summer and liked the assortment of tennis inspired designs with the Sugarpova brand. Though I found all of their treats to be pretty tasty, hands down I would have to stick with the breath mints! They’re one of the smallest mints around with a big impact – leaving your mouth feeling extremely fresh. *I finished a whole bunch of them within one sitting! Couldn’t resist* The apple chips on the other hand…erm…this is still a mystery pour moi. *dazed and confused to be more precise* I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly how it tastes and what I think of it because, I honestly don’t really know what to tell you. What’s confusing to me is that, no matter how many times I’ve tried them, the first bite always throws me off guard – so granted, I would have my second, third and fourth…until the tin goes empty! But they then, I still can’t tell if I truly like them or if the taste was just so different that I had to experiment a whole bunch of times until my taste buds picked up on it. All I can tell you is, you must go out and find one to try yourself!
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found a new favorite company to say that I genuinely LOVE all their products and will forever be on my list of top favorite must haves! *Considering how extremely snobbish I am on matters like this, this is major!* Catering to not just the female demographic but for the male clienteles as well, Joseph Nogucci holds an incomparable difference with its competitors. Granted, there are countless “arm candy” designers out there, but Joseph Nogucci founders create and design with science. Every design and creative prototypes are designed with specifics that makes their products stand out, is attainable and truly last! The most mind-blowing thing I learned today about them – they also create their own specified and unique stones, by blending two kinds into one! *pow mind-blown – I’ll get further into this when I do a feature piece on them sometime in the near future!* Proving to be of its highest quality and providing a luxurious piece at an affordable price, Joseph Nogucci is a definite MUST HAVE no matter what the season is! *Personal note: It was beyond amazing to find out that the founders of Joseph Nogucci and I went to the same elementary school together! Whoa ~ talk about a blast from the past, I knew that the faces behind this growing empire looked suspiciously familiar!* Make sure to keep an eye out for them as they continue make statements in the world of fashion – I can’t wait to see what else they come up with and continue to monitor their growing success!
    An outfit is never fully put together without the compliments of a good purse – or in this case, a fashionable clutch. I’ve come across some pretty amazing clutches on my travels, but there is nothing greater than supporting the local designers. The selection of clutches at #holidaycharm were versatile and glam at the same time. There was not one clutch that I didn’t want to take home with me because I found each one of the designs to be perfect to be versatile and unique to suit whatever the occasion is/was. Whether I’m channeling an edgy vibe to bad-ass mean girl or classic and charming, Minling Pan Studio can come up with something worthy of a photo session to forever commemorate the gorgeous art piece, aka your clutch.
    One thing that I have to say about Skechers Canada? Honestly, I was surprised to find out early this year that they were still around. Having re-branded their reputation in delivering style and quality of merchandise, Skechers have most definitely improved in staying on top of fashion trends. The bright spring colors of the runners displayed at #holidaycharm caught my attention instantly – especially the hot pink “squishy” shock absorbing padding/liners. I always have issues when looking for the perfect pair of runners, but I think I have found it today! When I come across “hip” and “extremely fashionable that it hurts” runners, I’m horrified at the disasters I come across but the color coordinating on these Skechers shoes were actually lovely enough for me to want one! *Je pense the time has come for me to test out their runners and temporary set aside my Puma and Nike runners*
    I’ve been a long time fan and supporter of Nella Bella since way-back-when I first met the Creative Director, Tarek at one of the many exclusive fashion events. *I’m not saying this just because I’m friends with him, but because I believe in his image of the brand* Not only is Nella Bella a fashion forward lifestyle brand, but it’s also an Eco-friendly company that uses vegan fabrics. At times like this, who says you can’t be creative and fabulous while caring for the environment? Leave no carbon footprint behind here. If you’re thinking that maybe the quality won’t be the greatest because it’s so green, think again. There is nothing missing or lacking here! The quality and materials used are extremely friendly on the skin (not once  have I had a reaction to the material constantly hitting and rubbing against my skin) and it’s not the stiff leather-like bags that you would typical come across when purchasing a new purse. *Love that I don’t have to wear it in to have that comfort feeling* I have a few delicious Nella Bella bags and I feel that it’s time for me to expand my collection further! In all seriousness, yes, I delivered a saucy red purse to Katy Perry directly (a gifting on behalf of Nella Bella), but the greatest thing was, I loved Nella Bella so much – that my boyfriends mother (located half way around the world) also has a Nella Bella purse which she can’t part from (gifted from Tarek a couple of years back); Our purses are always the talk of a social gathering! From this holidays collection, the metallic shades are perfect for the holidays as its design and colors are so advanced that it can be as versatile as you want it to be.
    We’ve all been here since the age of time, high school memories. Recently, Jean Machine has updated and upgraded their image, brand, choice of merchandise and quality. A lot of people still assume that Jean Machine only sells, denim – but now, you can pretty much walk out dressed in a new attire from head to toe.
    Allow me to just let the photographs to speak to you. If you and I speak the same language of fashion and the love of luxury, nothing else really needs to be said. But – just to give you some feedback, each jewelry laid out for the guests to view at #HolidayCharm was simply drool-worthy! *My eyes were seeing hearts! I literally had to force myself out of the room* Upon some of the delectable pieces, Trudella Laker is one of Canada’s most sought out and well-known names showcased beyond gorgeous and glam statement pieces! The phrase, “go big or go home” clearly was meant for Trudella Laker! Bigger the better! Another anticipated collection of the day was the Kenzo Paris tiger collection! *meow* It’s now available at Holt Renfrew across Canada.
    Lucky 13. Alas, the last of the entry. I had some major doubts about this before I saw the collection up close. The main reason being, it’s a line of leggings! One of my biggest pet peeves and fashion NEVER is when girls feel that leggings can be worn as pants! *Honestly, who lied to you!?! ugh* BUT – after seeing what Dutch Blonde had to offer in leggings, my mind was intrigued and somewhat at ease. Pourquoi? Have you actually seen these creations? Boots were made for walking and these leggings were made to be a statement on its own. Though I haven’t actually tried on a pair to see its quality of yes or no on “see-thoroughness,” the instant gratification of some of the designs (embroidered detailing, fabric mixing, stitching and design incorporation) made it an A+ rating in my style books! Still, it doesn’t give anyone an excuse to substitute pants for leggings without the proper length of a top. *Je pense I need to add one or two into my wardrobe and start a Dutch Blonde collection!*

‘Tis the story that doesn’t end. At the end, it has been pleasure attending #HolidayCharm and can’t wait to get my hands on some of these fabulous finds of Charming Media’s clients. What tickled your fancy from the #HolidayCharm gifting suite? Whatever your list my include, add a little charm to your holidays this year!

As Always,
stay lovely! let’s stay connected mes cheris!
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