Nail care is finite and important mes cheris. The importance of having a well manicured and moisturized hands should not be taken too lightly in my books. If there’s one thing that I absolutely can’t stand, is the sight of horribly drab and chipped nail polish; especially if the polish is of a darker shade.


ESSIE CANADA is on the right path (as usual) with the revealing of beautiful holiday colors that will warm us up as we gear towards the long winter days and nights. The luxurious lineup of colors most definitely will be of everyone’s liking – I certainly found my favorite shades from this holiday’s collection. *If you’re curious to know, “Shearling Darling” and “Toggle to the top” are my top two picks!

Note, before you step out to your local Shoppers or Walmart to get your hands on some of these shades, I must also mention that it’s extremely important to always have a good quality cuticle oil. 

essie nail oil


As Always,
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