Truly, there is no fans greater than our HALLYU WAVE (KPOP) fans!! 사랑해용!! ^__^* ~ 

If you have lived under a rock lately, I’ll be more than gracious to share with you what has gone on in the world of entertainment lately.

  1. K-POP is taking over!! No, I’m not taking about Psy’s “Gangnam Style” – this is MUCH MORE than that people! Yes, the song is/was catchy but honestly, if you think that he’s the only Korean artist who has made an impact into the western sphere, think again!
  2. K-DRAMA is all the rage!! If you’ve watched any in the past or current watching some, you know just as much as I do…it’s ridiculously addictive! This isn’t like the daytime soap operas…K-DRAMA is just…pow mind blown! Yes, some story lines are generally the same *Zzz boring* BUT…there is something about it that makes it almost impossible to stop watching!
  3. K-FASHION & K-BEAUTY love! Need I say more? KOREAN FASHION is distinctive and we all want it! From skincare, hairstyles to accessories to shoes and obviously the clothes!! Ahhh one of the best shopping ever is done in SEOUL!
  4. KOREAN EXPATS (aka. actors, models, producers, etc) – you’ve seen them taking over the small screens, big screens, magazine publications, etc.

I can’t begin to hide how incredibly PROUD I AM for the Korean industry to continuously evolve in exporting these great talents! Stay tuned with what’s happening in the world of KPOP, as I promise you that this is a movement taking over!!

ytmaOn November 03rd, 2013, YOUTUBE held their first ever music video awards in New York, which was live-streamed for thousands to watch across the globe. The eventful night was hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts – and honestly, I found these two together to be…awkward? disastrous? ugh. well, whatever the word you want to use, it didn’t ruin my pride in seeing K-POP winning one of the major titles of the night! Sure, there were obviously room for improvements to make this an annual award show, but the effort and idea itself was a solid A! Cyber connecting the world together. 

SNSD (쇼녀시대) or also known as Girls’ Generation was the winner for VIDEO OF THE YEAR with one of their tracks, “I Got A Boy.” Dominating the award with having nominees like, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Miley Cyrus and fellow K-POP artist Psy. Couldn’t be proud of the girls! *Note, you’d think that all this Hallyu Wave being popular in Europe, Middle East and obviously all over Asia, this 8 member girl group would be as snob as they come – but after having met some of them, they are just too precious! Great role models* 

Here is the video that won them the award!
PS. I’m totally guilty of dancing around to this song + loving the styling

Vanessa Hudgens with Tiffany of Girls’ Generation at YTMA 2013

Full list of winners of the night at the first YTMA:

Video of the Year: “I Got A Boy,” Girls’ Generation
Artist of the Year: Eminem
Response of the Year: Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix, “Radioactive”
YouTube Phenomenon: “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift
YouTube Breakthrough: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Innovation of the Year: DeStorm, “See Me Standing”

On an ending note, I look forward to heading back to SEOUL to personally congratulate the girls and SM Entertainment on their current and future success. Perhaps I’ll attend YTMA next year.

As Always,
stay lovely! let’s stay connected mes cheris!!
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