blogger favoritism? x press tour selections

We’ve all heard it before, “ignorance is bliss” but, have we really taken time to think that maybe a saying like this exists for a good reason? Perhaps it’ll be the smartest thing that we do for taking this into consideration. Whatever the reason may be, I for one think that this is one of those many clichés that has seriously been under-appreciated. Hence, the reason behind this ridiculously short post. Madame from Etiquette schooling would be hysteric to know that I refuse to sit down quietly without feeding my curiosity

Anyways, this has been one of the key talks rants that had my attention these pass couple months while I have been away on my travels. Various social media and blogger people have buzzed in my ear with many stories, concerns, misunderstandings, etc. on the issue of what appeared to have been an act of “favoritism” among the local influencers and as horrible it is to say, pr companies..?

At first, I didn’t have a care in the world – I was happily traveling back and forth, living my life fabulously. However, after it has been repeatedly mentioned on how or why certain people would get event invitations, projects, collaborations, etc. this started to stir some serious curiosity and tainted feelings about “who is an influencer” and who determines giving them these platforms. So, just for your ease, I would like to use this time to clarify “misconceptions” on behalf of both parties.

If you have yet to read up on the summer publicity, there was a press tour for TURKISH AIRLINES CANADA with some of our favorite Canadian media sources (aka. publications and bloggers). My friend Valerie of CHARMING MEDIA has been so kind to give me an example of some of the qualifications her client has looked when choosing their candidates. Note, it’s not a walk in the park – tough decisions had to be made

Upon finding the right candidates, various statistics were looked at to narrow their choice. For example:

  1. How many unique visitors a month does the publication/blogger receive?
  2. What is the number of page views a month?
  3. What are the stats of their blog? (subscribers, blog views, etc)
  4. What is the number of followers on their social media outlets?
  5. ETC. (whatever else the client wishes to know).

…Sure, it would have been more than AMAZING if I was one of those lucky few who have been selected to visit Turkey (because of the KOREA and TURKEY history), but I wasn’t. So, what did I do about it? How about a much-needed trip back to SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA for couple days, then perhaps a weekend trip to TOKYO and upon my return, I would re-pack and en route to CUBA!!!

The moral of the story is, “good things comes to those who wait.” It obviously couldn’t have been an easy process – as a lot is in stake when making press tours like this. So, what can you do for future opportunities like this if it comes up? Maybe you can try to get more involved on various social media platforms? Always stay engaged and up to date with what’s going on – who knows, maybe you’ll come across a couple of cool contests and/or project collaborations!

Finally, to end this dragging “rant,” I would once again like to thank those who have discretely nudged me into looking into this – and thanks again Valerie for clarifying some things with me. Sorry if my initial tone came out totally obnoxious and critic-like! lol xoxoxo

As Always,
stay lovely! let’s stay connected mes cheris!
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