At this point, we’re all probably thinking about the cute layering pieces for autumn..but, I would like to skip all that (for now) and give you a little recap of my recent attendance of CARA CHEUNG‘s Spring Summer 2014 collection at WMFW (or also simply known as Toronto Fashion Week). As usual, Cara is one of the designers that I always RSVP to – also, I figured instead of giving you my android shots from the seat, why not give you a better picture of what you missed.

*All runway photographs chosen for this post belongs to Ron Louie of Canadawears.ca* 

Firstly, let’s get back to the basics – whites! Nothing makes a statement more than a crisp clean design in white! I’m not talking about “Fancy” jagged cuts or odd fringes. I’m talking about straight lines, simple stitching and clean finishes! The moment I saw these three designs, I absolutely couldn’t resist in saying to the person next to me, I absolutely..MUST have these in my closet! One thing that I hate when designers “try” too hard to make something “innovative” and “sexy” is the thought that they need to bare lots of skin. *Eww who lied to you* BUT, with Cara Cheung, you can’t go wrong! Not only are her designs respectable to wear in public and sophisticated with a slight twist, but wearers feel confidence and comfortable without having to bare more midriff, breasts, legs, etc.

caracheungss14 whites

Next, I find this to be the staple color in my wardrobe! You know you’re in PR when…all you see are a sea of blazers and clothing in black. *haha* But then again, black is a SHADE that will never go out of style and it’s ultra sexy!

caracheungss14 blacks

These next two I found to be fun and flirty! Perfect for a date night or a little cocktail gathering
caracheungss14 cutouts

Alas, we can’t forget the finale and my next two favorites (aside from the whites).

caracheungss14 finale

Brava CARA!! I can’t wait to see your next collection!

As Always,
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