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Coming home to special deliveries are possibly the next best thing to a merry Christmas morning upon seeing freshly wrapped presents. Believe me when I tell you, you can practically see hearts shooting out of my eyes, eager to tear a part the box(es). Throughout the years, I have been very fortunate to be sent various products to review – and in all honesty, this particular delivery is at the top of my list!

20131020_182824_1On Friday October 18th, 1Milk2SugarsPR were beyond lovely to send me the newest Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System! If you know me from my previous blogs, you know that I take the greatest priority in maintaining and seeking the best skin care. So, without a doubt, THIS collaboration was a match made on cloud nine pour moi. My very first Clarisonic cleansing brush!!!

20131020_182944_1 20131020_183314_1
** CLARISONIC ARIA will be available for the suggested retail price of $225.00 at (comes in black and white high-gloss models) **

I’m sure you have seen and heard various Clarisonic reviews done by “beauty gurus,” but really, how about something from a beauty enthusiast and not another beauty specified “blogger.” I really can’t compare how this one differs from earlier models, but I’m pretty content with sharing my experience thus far. The newest CLARISONIC ARIA has three speeds, is 6x better than manual cleansing, can be charged with a USB attachment and has a real-time battery life indicator that blinks when it’s about to die. Yes, a charging (drying) dock – which can also be used when linked with the pLink charger – is also included.


Although it has only been three days for me, I can tell you that this sleek and functional device serves me right! Not only is it portable, light weight and charming, but it manages to cut my skin care routine in half! After the first use, my skin was left glowing and soft as a baby bum. My complexion and skin texture appeared to have immediately approved.

Here is a simpler breakdown of the new ARIA:

  • customizable cleansing option
  • three speed choice and pulses
  • adjustable t-timer that helps guide you through 1 or 2 minute cleansing cycles
  • real-time batter life indicator (with white, amber and red lights to indicate its battery life)
  • unlike manual cleansing, Aria provides 300 movements per second
  • gently massages as it removes dirt, oil and other harming impurities

Ladies (and gentlemen), this is what I would call a very smart device! PLUS, there is a two-year warranty! Honestly, I wouldn’t suggest anyone to go out and buy something just because I told them to. However, if you’re like me and really care about your skin and want to gain the dermatologist approved treatment, then I suggest you invest with Clarisonic!

Let me know what you think by sharing your thoughts with the hashtag #sonicrevolution.

P.S/ I will make an update after I have regularly featured this magical device in my skin care routine with its progress and how I feel about it…

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