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No matter how good of an outfit you have put together, it doesn’t make any sense if you have a horrible hair day! The first thing people see when you step out is…your hair! So, how about we take a look into my visit to DOLL BAR INC.


*Disclaimer* For those who didn’t know already, I lost my previous blog – hence my “starting up” all over again! booo bourns* However, I was able to save my TUMBLR so make sure to check that out also! Don’t worry, everything on WORDPRESS will automatically be posted onto TUMBLR (: Make sure to follow up and keep connected avec moi lovelies xx

A while ago, I did a review/posting on one of my favorite places, DOLL BAR INC – where they specialize in all that is HAIR! *glamor and beautify life* From feather extensions, colored extensions to everyday wear hair extensions AND EVEN clip on bangs! How friggin’ AMAZING is that!? *cue fan because it is getting hot in here* Honestly, you can’t believe my reaction when someone says they have NEVER visited the lovely ladies of DOLL BAR INC!! *you really don’t want to see without being offended haha*

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