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Hair care is infinite mes cheris! It should be taken just as seriously as the importance of GREAT skin care! View below a previous review post I did on these miracle workers, Biolage Oil from my previous blog. But, for your convenience, I have re-posted it here directly for your viewing and intelligent pleasure.


Tested and True!

Alas, it’s safe to say that I gave it a sufficient amount of time to truly test out the Matrix Canada Biolage products before I can give it a solid review and say, “Hell yes! I support my message and fully stand by what I said!”

It has been over a month since I visited the greenhouse setup of Matrix Canada’s tent during Luminato in June 2013 – and sure, I most definitely could have made this post live a lot sooner, but…I REALLY wanted to give these products a whirlwind test run, from the cool breeze of the Hampton to the Cuban summer heat! Sure, I may like…or even possibly love these products…but honestly, what’s the point of making this review if I can’t keep using these outside of the Toronto weather!? So…what’s the verdict? Keep on reading to find out…

For those who are yet to be familiar with Matrix Canada, it may be of your best interest to know that they are a sister brand of L’OREAL. If you’re also wondering, why haven’t I heard of them before?  Well, to put it as simple as I can, that’s because it’s known to be the “girl night door” line – its been around for some time, but haven’t really received the great amount of attention as its other successful L’Oreal brands. I suppose it’s the best kept secret of beauty products. shh…only tell your best friends

Honestly, if you approached me (prior to this) and suggested that I purchased Matrix Canada, I can pretty much guarantee you that my reaction will not be of the friendliest manner. Pourquoi? Like so many of you, I had this impression that Matrix Canada is for the older generation. Besides, it doesn’t help the fact that I’m extremely picky about the brands that I use. Call me a beauty snob, but you can never be too sure how a product will react or counter-react to your sensitivity!! Nuh-uh!! For those living under a rock, it’s 2013 and like so many, Matrix Canada has also taken up a couple notches in re-branding the image to make it more appealing to a wider net of demographic – more so, to reach out to the young professionals.

Finally, let’s get down to the root of this – Biolage Biolage Biolage! Let’s talk about Biolage Exquisite Oil products which I received back in June to test and review. Known to be a consumer favorite, this salon quality product is especially affordable for those seeking to have that luxurious salon finish result. I’ve compared the price to other salon branded products and I was amazed just how affordable they made them!Seriously, who can deny the love of that fresh- hair-flipping worthy feeling after you step outside of a salon?? Not I that’s for sure! I love flipping my hair as much the next girl

Although it hasn’t even reached the one year mark, Matrix Canada’s re-branded products has gained a strong response from consumers (currently existing and new) to receive a Global Mail and Reader’s Choice Award for salon magazine! Brava and congratulations! You know you’re doing something right when…

Exquisite Oil by Biolage is an experience tailored to replenish all types of hair. There are three different types of oils which cater to specific hair types:

Oil Blend: Moringa Oil (out in stores and is the general oil for all hair types)
Hair Target: For all hair types
Key Action: Protects
Reason to Believe: Potent Antioxidants
Results: Protects against dulling impurities and environmental aggressors

Oil Blend: Tamanu Oil (available in August 2013)
Hair Target: Thin and Fragile Hair
Key Action: Strengthens
Reason to Believe: Omega-3
Results: Penetrates deep into the cortex to fortify internal bonds and prevent future damages.

Oil Blend: Monoi Oil (available in August 2013)
Hair Target: Coarse Hair
Key Action: Softens
Reason to Believe: Linoleic Acids
Results: Reinforces adhesion of the cuticle to the hair fiber for unprecedented softness and increased manageability.

From my personal experience on testing these three types of Exquisite Oils, I must say, I’m actually impressed by how close it stayed to its description. It’ll be a huge lie if I told you that I haven’t tried other brands prior to Exquisite Oil. Sadly, my experience has been horribly tainted that I almost didn’t want to try out these oils, but thank god I did! Ever since that horrific experience, I pretty much continued to kick myself when tempted to test out a new beauty product! Pourquoi you ask? Well, Duhhhh…it’s no secret that you want your time and money worth! Seriously, the thing that made me SO upset was (a) it was complete garbage, (b) I can’t believe I spent that amount on something I used ONCE then literally whipped it in the trash! UGH to top it off, I realized I could have bought myself a couple pints of delicious Ben & Jerry’s and Laura Secord ice cream!! Devasteddddd 

Alright, so how did THESE oils actually turn out? At first, I was so eager to get the same results as when the Matrix Canada stylist did my hair, that I may have spaced and didn’t run my fingers through my hair as much as I should have. Instead, I pretty much used the oil as a hand moisturizer (a lesson taken from Cheryl Willberg, 1Milk2Sugars PR).  As much as my hands loved the replenishing and moisturizing treatment, once I finally got around to actually massaging it into my hair, I was in utter hair care bliss. Not only are these oils light weight but the delightful scents make it much more enjoyable to use. someone stop me before I go through these like there’s NO tomorrow

So, right before I was about to post this review, I found out that I was going to CUBA!!! sigh bliss, take me back But anyways, I figured THIS would be the perfect time for me to actual take the test beyond “the test” – to test out how well these oils will react to the humid heat of Cuban beach paradise! Granted, the bipolar Toronto weather would have been just as fine, but…this post would have been relatively useless! “I like my hair! I like hair care products! I liked it the moment I first used it…It smells nice…blah blah blah” No No, that simply would NOT have done these products justice. All these doubts of packing unnecessary luggage started to pile up. Was it a bad idea taking the oil with me? Would I even use it?  Will it even be useful? Once again, Biolage Exquisite Oil has proved me wrong and thank goodness for that! The extreme heat and constantly being under the scorching sun, it was a replenishing hair saver! The way how I applied it daily was no different either…

How and What was my hair care routine while I was there??
(01) After getting out of the shower, I would towel dry my hair so that it’s damp!
(o2) After I feel that my hair is damp enough and not dripping in water, I would brush it out lightly (getting all the tangles and knots out)
(o3) Add a few drops of Exquisite Oil onto the tips of my hand and play around with it with the other hand so that way I can warm up the oil…basically lightly massage it through my hands so it’s evenly distributed!
(o4) After I feel the oil is warmed it up enough, start brushing my hair from underneath and out! The natural oils are at the top so there really is NO point in adding additional oil by glazing the top! if you do that, honestly, who lied to you!?! We’re going for fresh and amazing, not oily and greasy 

And so, after I’ve generously brushed my hair out with my fingers, I actually let my hair air dry! I’m getting enough heat as it is just by walking outside of my hotel room, I most definitely didn’t find the need to fry my head with a blow-dryer. Also, throughout the day, IF my hair needed extra care and attention, I would again, add a few drops to the tips of my hands and brush it into the bottom half (preferably tips) of my hair just to give it that extra shield and moisture. All this as done wonders for me and made my stay in Cuba more carefree!! I was tossing and flipping my hair day and night! There’s no stopping me Oh I feel that I must also mention, some local Cubans were so fascinated by my hair and asked how I do this…secret? I told them, “I was born with it amigos! hahaha” but I secretly didn’t mention I add some moisturizing help from Biolage! Again, the scent is just so delightful!!

NOTE: For additional hair care treatment and protection, you can also mix the Exquisite Oil into your shampoo/conditioner by applying a few drops beforehand.  Trust me, this does marvelous wonders for your hair to get the full replenishment treatment – AND – over time, it will help to improve your hair status to A++!

Interested in knowing how much it’ll cost you to get your hands on some Exquisite Oil by Biolage? For starters, the product comes in a bottle of 92 ml. The salon price will be for around $13.17 and the suggested retail price will go for $21.95.

Okay, so you know the amount but now where can you get your hands on these oils? Because it’s a niche product shh…only tell your best friends you can only purchase the Exquisite Oils at select salons throughout Canada. You can go to to find a salon closest to you which carries this exclusive line.

In conclusion, no matter where I am in the world, I’I’ve made Exquisite Oil by Biolage an essential part of my travel diaries and life necessity. Thank you 1Milk2Sugars PR for introducing me to these amazing products and for inviting me to attend a hair care experience that soon changed my daily routine. Extra brava and thanks for that because I am known to be one stubborn beauty brand princess! You’ve convinced me!!

Make sure to keep updated on all the Matrix Canada goodness by following them through Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of changes with the brand which are to be launched and in Fall 2013, there will be new fantastic launch in the works as well. New and better things are brewing for Matrix Canada for 2014.

PS. I know I haven’t said which one of the three oils is my favorite – and that’s because I want YOU to have your own experience and find whichever’s the perfect fit is for you. 

As Always,
stay lovely – let’s stay connected mes cheris!
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